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RenXSol installs 400 KW Roof Top Solar Power Plant at KSCA's M Chinnaswamy Stadium

The installation is 1st project sanctioned under BESCOM Net Metering policy installed & commissioned in 45-50 days

April 09, 2015. By Moulin

RenXSol Ecotech Pvt. Ltd. has  announced that the 400 kW roof top power plant at KSCA’s M Chinnaswamy Stadium was successfully installed, with successful testing, integration and evacuation to BESCOM grid post CEIG approvals on the April 8, 2015.

This roof top installation by KSCA is a novel initiative that has been executed for the first time at any stadium in India and probably also the first cricket stadium in the world to have such facility. Further, this roof top installation is the first project in Karnataka of this size for any industry or institution being sanctioned under the Net Metering policy of BESCOM announced in November 2014 and such project installed and commissioned in short time of about 45-50 days.

The 400 kW rooftop solar power plant system has 300Wp, 72 cells, multi-crystalline solar panels, with 20 kW Grid Tie type String Inverters, 20 nos., evacuated with bi-directional metering to BESCOM at HT level of 11 KV substation, under the new BESCOM Net Metering Solar Policy announced in Nov 2014. While RenXSol handled the design, engineering, project management consultancy (PMC) for the whole project, the execution was done by a KSCA approved vendor under RenXSol and KSCA guidance.  

The power generated at KSCA’s roof top power plant will be sent to BESCOM Grid under the Net Metering policy, wherein only the Nett of power generated and power consumed is payable by KSCA and in case of excess solar power if given to BESCOM, then the utility will pay KSCA at Rs 9.56 per unit for such power.

Commenting on the novel initiative, Srinivas Kumar, Managing Director & CEO, RenXSol, said, “We are delighted in having partnered KSCA to build a green infrastructure and in the process have showcased to the world how un-used roof tops could be utilised productively. With cricket being a religion in the country, we are confident KSCA’s initiative will be an eye opener in harnessing green energy and go a long way in popularising solar power, especially with several State Governments introducing net metering and open access concept.”

Further, he added we have the technical competence, reliability, where-withawal, design, engineering and trained manpower to compete with the best in the world for providing reliable solar solutions. There is huge savings and benefits to all clients of ESCOM using grid power to substitute their day time power usage through solar power for at least 300 days a year. Even clients using diesel generators can switch to solar energy giving them huge savings. Integration of solar with existing grid or diesel gensets with synchronization can be ideally done and with higher power factor of 0.99 plus. Net Metered systems use grid as a reservoir without use of battery and also enabling income with surplus power. Karnataka government has ideally promoted a policy of free wheeling and transmission for solar, making installation of solar very attractive in the state. By installing solar, every citizen or company can contribute in the development of the state, as, “Energy saved is energy generated” which saves the State Government huge sums in setting up new infrastructure for energy as well as enables government use this saved energy for energy deficient areas and for farmers.  

According to Mr.BrijeshPatel, Hon. Secretary, Karnataka State Cricket Association, “KSCA has installed a 400 kW rooftop solar power plant at M Chinnaswamy stadium at Bangalore. We appointed RenXSol Ecotech as solar consultants to KSCA for design, engineering and project management activity for this challenging project. The solar plant is designed to generate 5.90 lakh units per year, equivalent to powering 200 AEH (All Electric Homes) households using 3 KW power annuallyand also saving about 600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.  KSCA has set an example as a stadium able to use its space for helping protect the environment for our children in the years to come. KSCA has become the first cricket stadium globally and the also first stadium in India and first net metered project in Karnataka to use solar power. We are proud of this achievement and congratulate RenXSol for the success of the project.” 

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