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100KW Solar Mini Grid System commissioned by Vikram Solar at Bahal, Haryana

Mini-grid to help power 6 residential blocks consisting of 35 households in the village

March 28, 2014. By Moulin

Vikram Solar, has commissioned a 100 KW Solar Mini Grid system at Bahal, Haryana. The mini-grid will help power six residential blocks consisting of 35 households in the village. These households have been connected at load end with auto changeover.

The Intelligent Mini Grid System has used state of the art equipments including crystalline solar PV modules manufactured by Vikram Solar and inverters by SMA (Sunny Boy). One set of off-grid inverters charges a set of batteries during the daytime when sun is available. These batteries create a “DC Bus” inside the Control Room. Another set of string inverters which are installed in the PV yard sense this dummy grid and synchronise. The total power is now made available through the dedicated grid to the consumers. Again, during night time the consumer load is fed by the off-grid inverters with batteries acting as a back-up. Intelligent sensing options both at the power generating source end as well as the at the consumer end manages the load variation and helps in keeping the system balanced all the time. 

The advanced system commissioned by Vikram Solar has been load tested for connecting to the entire 35 households in six residential blocks. Presently all the loads of the solar control room and the six blocks are running on solar power with auto grid changeover facility for ensuring redundancy.

Also keeping in mind to meet the scalable consumer load in the near future, the entire system can be easily expandable as the design is modular in nature.

Mr. Gyanesh Chaudhary, Managing Director, Vikram Solar stated, “Vikram Solar is pleased to present this solar-powered intelligent mini grid systems in the rural areas. Decentralised renewable energy solutions like this can be powerful game changers in the remote and rural areas of India where large number of villages are still not reached by the electricity grid. This will not only support the Rural Energy Mission but also do away with the 20% T&D losses which is generally experienced by huge transmission & distribution network.”

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