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Hardening Renewables Insurance Market Could Shift to No Downtime Coverage: Firetrace

Increased hardening of the renewable energy insurance market could prompt a shift towards insurers covering asset damage but not lost revenue as a result of business interruption (BI) due to asset downtime.

Renewable Energy | December 09, 2022 | By News Bureau

Global Energy Harvesting Market is Projected to Record a CAGR of 7.5% from 2022-2032: Report

The global energy harvesting market is projected to record a CAGR of 7.5% from 2022-2032, according to Future Market Insights report.

Renewable Energy | December 09, 2022 | By News Bureau 154

Mozambique Government Bets Big on the Potential of Renewable Energy

The Mozambican Renewable Energy Association (AMER), the Lusophone Renewable Energy Association (ALER), and the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) organised the Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique 2022 in Maput.

Renewable Energy | December 09, 2022 | By News Bureau

Partners Group to Sell CWP Renewables

Partners Group agreed to sell CWP Renewables to Squadron Wind Energy Assets.

Renewable Energy | December 08, 2022 | By News Bureau 173

Westbridge Secures Financing for Georgetown Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Project

Westbridge Renewable Energy Corporation announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Georgetown Solar Inc., has secured financing to fund its AESO contribution requirement for its flagship project, the Georgetown Solar + Energy Storage.

Renewable Energy | December 08, 2022 | By News Bureau 150

Squadron Energy Acquires CWP Renewables

Squadron Energy announced it has acquired CWP Renewables (CWP), in an agreement that takes Squadron's renewable energy operating portfolio to 2.4 gigawatts (GW) with an Australian development pipeline to 20GW.

Renewable Energy | December 08, 2022 | By News Bureau 156

Nexus Energy Partners with Green-e® to Offer Certified Renewable Energy Option

Nexus Energy Inc. announced it is enhancing its sustainability-focused product offerings to include the Nexus Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) program, certified by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions' (CRS's) Green-e® Energy program.

Renewable Energy | December 07, 2022 | By News Bureau 179

Iberdrola Renews and Expands Sitetracker Use to Help Manage Massive EV Charging Station Deployment Goals

Sitetracker has announced that Iberdrola has renewed its Sitetracker contract.

Renewable Energy | December 07, 2022 | By News Bureau 362

JSW Energy Initiates Progressive Commissioning of SECI-X Wind Project

JSW Renew Energy Two Limited, a step-down subsidiary, of JSW Energy Limited, has started phase-wise commissioning of 450 MW ISTS-connected Wind Power Project awarded under SECI tranche X at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu with commissioning of the first phase of 27 MW.

Renewable Energy | December 07, 2022 | By News Bureau 272

Marriott International Expands Electric Vehicle Network Across Asia Pacific

In line with Marriott International's net zero ambitions and global commitment to source a minimum of 30% of its overall electricity from renewable energy by 2025, the company announced that it plans to expand its electric vehicle (EV) network across Asia Pacific.

Renewable Energy | December 07, 2022 | By News Bureau 208


Advanced smart grid technologies are key for India grid modernization

By 2040, India will be responsible for 25% of the increase in global energy demand. To meet this hunger for energy, the country is focusing strongly on renewable energy generation and modernizing power grids​​1. Gridspertise is ready to...

Renewable Energy | November 18, 2022 | By News Bureau

How Biomethane Can Play an Integral Role in Leading to Carbon Neutrality

The Paris Agreement was a milestone on the world’s climate change stage: it held the promise of active steps towards carbon neutrality. Following its 5th anniversary in December 2020, countries responsible for approximately 70% of the global ec...

Renewable Energy | August 30, 2022 | By News Bureau 200

Green Hydrogen: A Future of Alternative Energy

Abstract:In the year 2019, global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and coal stood at 22.06 GT and 10 GT respectively. At present, the amount of carbon dioxide in the Indian atmosphere is 420 ppm, which is about 70 to 120 ppm more than the i...

Renewable Energy | August 24, 2022 | By News Bureau 202

Future Power Generation System in India – IBA Perspective

In the past few decades, the role of biogas has been viewed differently. Wet segregated biodegradable solid wastes from municipal, industrial, and agricultural sources have traditionally been treated with biogas, but more recently it has been used as...

Renewable Energy | August 09, 2022 | By News Bureau 207

Changing Landscape of the Energy Storage Sector

Governments and Companies across the world, have set ambitious goals to achieve net zero emissions in Transportation, Heating and Cooling and even the Industrial sectors by the middle of the 21st century. This move to renewable energy means that the ...

Renewable Energy | July 08, 2022 | By News Bureau 599

Land Conflicts on The Horizon as India Pursues a Clean Energy Future

Land disputes are a major stumbling block for any infrastructure project, but they are rarely discussed openly in the public sphere, and they are becoming a concern for large-scale renewable energy projects in India. Renewable energy projects frequen...

Renewable Energy | June 21, 2022 | By News Bureau 705

Going Green on Energy

India has instilled new routes to fasttrack its transition into clean energy and mobility over the last five years, which includes meeting the national contribution to install 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2028. Similarly, in the automotive ...

Renewable Energy | May 31, 2022 | By News Bureau 728

Time to Focus on Biomass

The Ujjwala programme has been taking cooking gas cylinders and stoves to rural households and all of them are expected to be covered in the next 2 to 3 years. Those who can afford it are using only gas for cooking. The poor do have the problem of no...

Renewable Energy | May 02, 2022 | By News Bureau 741


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