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Solis Seminar (Episode 49) : Influence of Azimuth and Tilt on Yield of PV System

Attention must be paid when the system is installed and designed. Of course, other factors need to be considered, such as snow cover, terrain conditions and land area restrictions. It is necessary to choose between the azimuth and tilt of the PV panel to ensure the best system performance.

Installation | November 29, 2022 | By News Bureau 638

JA Solar N-Type Module DeepBlue 4.0 X Enters the Colombian Market

JA Solar recently announced the shipment of its n-type module DeepBlue 4.0 X to Colombia.

Installation | November 15, 2022 | By News Bureau 630

JinkoSolar Global Operations Now Powered Over 50% by Renewable Energy

JinkoSolar announced its global facilities are powered with 51.3% clean energy. JinkoSolar was the first solar company moving quickly on green initiatives and passing the 50% renewable-powered mark in 2022 and now is working toward 60% by the end of 2023.

Installation | November 15, 2022 | By News Bureau 627

Global Power and Energy Storage Battery Recycling Scale Will Exceed 1TWh by 2030

Utmel said that the rapid penetration of the global new energy vehicle market has stimulated the installation of power batteries to increase year by year.

Installation | November 11, 2022 | By News Bureau 714

Gautam Solar Launches G2X 450 Wp M10 High-Efficiency Modules to Revolutionize Rooftop Solar Projects

To enhance the quality of solar products and ramp up the adoption of solar energy in the country, Gautam Solar has expanded its G2X series with the launch of high-efficiency and high-performance 450 Wp solar modules with bigger M10 cells.

Installation | November 10, 2022 | By News Bureau 754

Atlantic Shores Selects Vestas as Preferred Turbine Supplier for its 1.5 GW Project in USA

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind (Atlantic Shores), a 50:50 partnership between Shell New Energies and EDF Renewables announce its selection of Vestas as the preferred supplier for its 1.5 GW offshore wind project in New Jersey, USA.

Installation | November 07, 2022 | By News Bureau 506

Trina Solar Defines the Aesthetic Black Product by High Tech, Delivering New Vertex S Modules Globally

Trina Solar's Vertex S Aesthetic Module, an upgraded product highly anticipated by global customers, has arrived in Europe, Australia, Japan and other markets recently.

Installation | November 02, 2022 | By News Bureau 854

Kyoto Group to Commission Thermal Energy Storage Project in Denmark in Early 2023

Kyoto Group announced that the installation of a thermal energy storage solution at Nordjyllandsværket in Denmark, the company’s first commercial contract, is progressing well and on track for the planned commissioning early 2023.

Installation | October 29, 2022 | By News Bureau 828

Mooving Enters Marathon to Build India's Smartest Battery Swapping Network for EV

With installations across more than 20 cities and more than 5000 electric vehicles on its platform, Mooving’s launch in Gurugram has been rather impactful.

Installation | October 17, 2022 | By News Bureau 881

Spanish Company Bioo Develops Panel Generating Energy from Earth, Converts it Into Electricity

The Spanish company Bioo, led by Pablo Vidarte, has developed a panel that generates energy from the earth, and converts it into electricity without altering the environment.

Installation | October 14, 2022 | By News Bureau 826


Smart Metering Technology in India: Need and Scope

The electricity demand in the country is expected to grow rapidly and almost double by 2030. To support this increasing energy demand the government has focused on expanding our energy mix and incentivised installation on non-fossil fuel-based energy...

Installation | January 25, 2021 | By News Bureau 2311


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