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Allpowers Launches 200W Double-Sided Foldable Solar Panels at CES 2024

Allpowers brought their new 'R' series Power Station R1500 (1800W |1152Wh, R4000 (4000W |3600Wh) and NEWEST 200W Double-Sided Foldable Solar Panels on at their booth.

Efficiency | January 15, 2024 | By News Bureau 658

RenewSys Launches CONSERV E – NT Encapsulant

RenewSys, the trailblazer in PV Encapsulant and Backsheet manufacturing, is introduces India’s first POE (Polyolefin Elastomer) Encapsulant specifically formulated for N-type TOPCon PV cells, CONSERV E – NT.

Efficiency | December 22, 2023 | By News Bureau 652

Sungrow to Deliver BESS for 100MW/330MWh ESS Project in UK

Sungrow announce the signing of a landmark project agreement with Penso Power and BW ESS.

Efficiency | November 03, 2023 | By News Bureau 554

NAVEE Launches Revolutionary S65C Electric Scooter in Europe

Designed with the rider's ultimate comfort and performance in mind, the NAVEE S65C Electric Scooter incorporates an advanced front and rear dual suspension system.

Efficiency | August 22, 2023 | By News Bureau 579

Aiko Solar's ABC Modules with 24% Delivery Efficiency Achieves The Intersolar AWARD 2023

Shanghai Aiko Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (Aiko Solar) has independently developed high-efficiency ABC (All Back Contact) modules with delivery efficiency of 24%, which have been highly recognized by the panel of judges for breakthrough innovative technology.

Efficiency | June 27, 2023 | By News Bureau 923

LONGi Solar North America Launches Hi-MO 7 PV Module in Canada

This cutting-edge solar solution will further strengthen LONGi's presence in the Canadian utility-scale solar market, which saw annual installations increase by over 75% in 2022 compared to 2021 and is set to accelerate further with new federal policy incentives.

Efficiency | June 14, 2023 | By News Bureau 729

BPE Installed More than 120 Power Backup Solutions in India

BPE (Best Power Equipments) announced that it has spread across India and installed more than 120 power backup solutions in Hospitals, Pharma, and Labs based in India.

Efficiency | February 15, 2023 | By News Bureau 1254

Miros Strengthens its Solution Offering for Offshore Wind

Miros has released new applications to optimise operational efficiency and reduce downtime in offshore wind projects.

Efficiency | January 25, 2023 | By News Bureau 1257

Gamesa Electric Triples Solar Inverter Orders by 2022

Gamesa Electric has had a record year in 2022 in its solar and storage inverter business, almost tripling the contracted capacity compared to 2021.

Efficiency | January 10, 2023 | By News Bureau 1749

Jackery Reveals the Revolutionary New Portable Solar Generators

Jackery has unveiled its most innovative portable solar generators to complement the high-end Pro family - the 3000 Pro and 1500 Pro - at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Efficiency | January 06, 2023 | By News Bureau 1384


Types of Motor Used in Electric Vehicles and Future Trends

The motor is the source of power for electric vehicles. It determines top speed, acceleration, hill climbing ability, power consumption and vehicle performance. The three important points to consider when finalising the choice of the electric mo...

Efficiency | July 18, 2023 | By News Bureau 314

The Role of Solar Module Efficiency

In last 10 years, solar module manufacturing technology has been significantly advanced. From 2010, customers of panels tend to expect more and more power from panel year over year. As all the panels were of the same size, power generated by the pane...

Efficiency | April 18, 2023 | By News Bureau 492

The Hydropower Industry and Epoxy Coatings

IntroductionHydropower is a renewable energy source that has been harnessed for thousands of years. Today, it is one of the most important sources of electricity in the world, and its use is only expected to grow in the future. One of the key compone...

Efficiency | March 16, 2023 | By News Bureau 606

Electricity tariff hike and challenge of economic transformation in Bangladesh

Our economy has been undergoing the transition due to many crises including pandemic, global war, inflation and economic graduation. While the economy passes through this transition, the tariff hike move always becomes a bolt from the blue. After the...

Efficiency | October 05, 2022 | By News Bureau 884

Compressed Air - Fourth Utility of The Power Plant

Compressed air plays an instrumental role in the power plant that finds application in a wide range of operations. From coal handling to ensuring smooth operation of pneumatic instruments powering boilers, turbines, generators, precipitators, etc., a...

Efficiency | August 08, 2022 | By News Bureau 997


Sunora Solar plans to come with TOPCon technologies

Ridham Patel, Director at Sunora Solar PV Module

Efficiency | January 04, 2024 | By News Bureau 568

Efficiency | January 04, 2024 | By Anurima Mondal 374

Efficiency | January 04, 2024 | By News Bureau 541

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