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Apraava Energy Partners with CII Foundation to Honour 15 Women Changemakers from Assam

Under the ‘Empowering Champions of Change’ initiative led by Apraava Smart Meter Private Limited, a subsidiary of Apraava Energy, these women were recognized for their contribution in bringing grassroots-level transformation to society.

Development | April 16, 2024 | By News Bureau 198

BII and FMO Announce Joint Loan Commitment of USD 50 Million to BECIS

BECIS offers a wide array of services, such as rooftop solar, bio energy and energy efficiency solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and communities across Asia.

Development | April 16, 2024 | By News Bureau 206

Pattern Energy Appoints Barry E. Davis and Carla Tully to Board of Directors

Pattern Energy announced the appointments of Barry E. Davis as Chairman of its Board of Directors and Carla Tully as an Independent Director.

Development | April 15, 2024 | By News Bureau 226

IREDA Celebrates Legacy: Past Leaders Share Vision for Future

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from most of the superannuated employees, including former CMDs and Directors, who assembled to reminisce and share invaluable insights for the future trajectory of the company.

Development | April 11, 2024 | By News Bureau 263

Quinbrook Closes USD 600 Mn Solar+Storage ‘Continuation Fund’

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners announced the successful closing of Quinbrook Valley of Fire Fund with USD 600 million in capital commitments from US and European institutional investors.

Development | April 10, 2024 | By News Bureau 150

Vikram Solar Appoints Narayan Lodha as CFO

Narayan Lodha’s appointment is a testament to our strategic vision for scaling operations and pioneering state-of-the-art solutions in both established and emerging markets, particularly in the field of sustainable energy.

Development | April 08, 2024 | By News Bureau 391

Luminous Complements RR's Commitment to Solarise 6 Homes for Every 6 Hit During PinkPromise Match

Luminous Power Technologies announce that it will complement Rajasthan Royals' commitment to solar power six homes for every six hit during the team's PinkPromise match against the Royal Challengers Bengaluru on Saturday, April 6.

Development | April 05, 2024 | By News Bureau 428

Finayo Appoints Nitin Kant as Director- Sales and Operations

In his new role, Nitin will be responsible for steering the company towards an exceptional growth trajectory by creating a top-notch strategy that focuses on effectively managing the platform’s entire portfolio.

Development | April 04, 2024 | By News Bureau 368

TotalEnergies Introduces New Battery Storage Project in Belgium

It will have a power rating of 25 MW and capacity of 75 MWh, forty Intensium Max High Energy lithium-ion containers supplied by Saft. Start-up is expected at the end of 2025.

Development | April 03, 2024 | By News Bureau 363

SRIVARU Completes On-Road Driving Range Tests for Prana 2.0 Battery System

The company’s Prana Grand and Prana Elite models have surpassed expectations, achieving extended vehicle ranges of over 150 km and 250 km respectively, on a single charge.

Development | April 01, 2024 | By News Bureau 272


Optimizing Last Mile Delivery Strategies for Efficient Fleet Management in Indian Cities

The majority of the world’s transportation is focused on transporting essential goods between two locations. The global economy depends on trade, which in turn depends on transporting goods efficiently so economies keep on operating and billion...

Development | April 09, 2024 | By News Bureau

Understanding the Characteristics of High-Quality Solar Backsheets

The industry is experiencing a drastic but silent changeover from PVDF-based to CPC backsheets, while in the past year, the market share of CPC backsheets was almost 50 percent compared to a mere 12-13 percent initially. This shift is not only due to...

Development | February 29, 2024 | By News Bureau

Global Biofuel Alliance – the Need of the Hour for Sustainable Energy

Last year, at the massive G20 Summit, we witnessed a momentous development in the global energy transition with the launch of The Global Biofuels Alliance (GBA). The alliance aims to drive the energy transition journey of countries across the globe, ...

Development | January 30, 2024 | By News Bureau

The impact of LEED Certification on Urban Skylines

In an era where sustainability and environmental responsibility have taken centre stage, green building certifications have become powerful agents of change, reshaping urban landscapes and driving the development of sustainable cities. Among these ce...

Development | January 09, 2024 | By News Bureau

Southern India: A Sun-Kissed Land of Renewable Energy Opportunities

South India, with its long coastlines, ample sunshine, and windswept hills, presents a golden opportunity for businesses in the renewable energy sector. With a focus on sustainability and clean energy, the region is witnessing a rapid expansion in so...

Development | December 14, 2023 | By News Bureau 122

Advancing Sustainable Mobility: R&D and Innovation for Electric Vehicle Excellence

The future of the Indian automotive industry is moving closer towards electrification and this shift has increased the demand for smart auto components. Over the years, the auto component sector has made significant progress in boosting the country&r...

Development | December 12, 2023 | By News Bureau 123

Taking Gradual, Tech-Enabled Steps towards Cleaner Power Generation

A global transition is underway in the energy sector. India, one of the world’s largest economies, faces the twin challenge of generating reliable, affordable, and greener power to meet its socioeconomic development goals while minimising envir...

Development | December 07, 2023 | By News Bureau 126

Solar Policy and Regulation: Impact on Industry Growth and Market Dynamics

Rayzon Solar, a prominent player in the solar energy sector, acknowledges India's remarkable strides as a leading solar market. The convergence of ambitious renewable energy goals and supportive government policies has played a vital role in fost...

Development | August 21, 2023 | By News Bureau 288

Types of Motor Used in Electric Vehicles and Future Trends

The motor is the source of power for electric vehicles. It determines top speed, acceleration, hill climbing ability, power consumption and vehicle performance. The three important points to consider when finalising the choice of the electric mo...

Development | July 18, 2023 | By News Bureau 355

What Makes India's Power Transmission Market a Competitive Landscape?

India's power transmission market is a crucial component of the country's energy sector, which is growing rapidly to meet the rising electricity demand. From electricity from power generation plants to distribution networks and end-users, the...

Development | June 13, 2023 | By News Bureau 478


EKI has been at the forefront of driving awareness of green hydrogen and green ammonia

Manish Dabkara, Chairman and MD at EKI Energy Services Ltd.

Development | February 13, 2024 | By News Bureau 2770

Vareyn Solar launched its innovative Capex+ model 2023

Ishan Chaturvedi, Director & Co-Founder at Vareyn Solar

Development | January 04, 2024 | By Anurima Mondal 1107

Engie India to achieve COD of 4 GW RE capacity each year till 2025

Amit Jain, CEO and Country Manager at ENGIE India

Development | January 04, 2024 | By Anurima Mondal 732

Development | January 04, 2024 | By News Bureau 371

Smart Cities India: A Display of India’s Emerging Modernisation and Development Landscape

Chandrika Behl, Managing Director at Exhibitions India Group

Development | January 02, 2024 | By News Bureau 1605

Envisioning a promising future for solar power generation in India

Rajeev Kashyap, Vice President and Managing Director at Nextracker India Pvt. Ltd.

Development | December 28, 2023 | By News Bureau 1017

ULSE is committed to ensuring EV safety in India

Sonya Bird, Sonya Bird, Vice President of International Standards at UL Standards & Engagement (ULSE)

Development | December 07, 2023 | By News Bureau 892

We have developed our new age agitators - ‘EVO’ series and ‘HYBRID’ series

Vijaykumar Lanka, Managing Director at Armatec-FTS India Pvt. Ltd.

Development | November 21, 2023 | By News Bureau 493

Development | November 09, 2023 | By News Bureau 715

S6-GU350K is a sixth-generation inverter designed to usher in a new era of utilities

Idrish Khan, Chief Technology Officer at Ginlong (Solis) India

Development | October 17, 2023 | By News Bureau 594

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