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Assam Cabinet Initiates First-Ever 'Green Budget'

The agenda is to incentivize privately steered carbon sequestration initiatives and foster climate persistence with the help of tribe and community involvement.

Climate Change | March 16, 2023 | By Nivedita Ojha 622

Sungrow Signs 145 MW Distribution Agreements at Solar Pakistan 2023

Sungrow made a high-profile appearance at Solar Pakistan 2023 March by providing its commercial storage system PowerStack, residential solar-plus-storage solutions, and cutting-edge commercial inverters, as well as utility solution 1+X Modular Inverter.

Climate Change | March 13, 2023 | By News Bureau 538

Jaishankar Inaugurates ‘India Europe Business & Sustainability Conclave’

In his inaugural speech, Jaishankar said that clean energy and green transition are central to the India-EU Connectivity Partnership.

Climate Change | March 01, 2023 | By Anurima Mondal 796

International Solar Alliance Hosts 13 African Countries to Share Best Practices in Solar Deployment

International Solar Alliance (ISA), in association with Grid Controller of India Ltd (Grid-India) and West African Power Pool (WAPP), is hosting delegates from the West African Region in New Delhi, India, from 14th to 18th February.

Climate Change | February 14, 2023 | By Nivedita Ojha 926

Johnson Controls Calls for Ecosystem Collaboration at Sustainability Week Asia

Sustainability Week Asia convened in Singapore, hosted by Economist Impact, gathering regional leaders from business, government and civil society to discuss sustainable transformation.

Climate Change | February 13, 2023 | By News Bureau 924

India Implements New E-Waste (Management) Rules Effective From 1st April, 2023

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has issued the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2022 which shall be in effect from the 1st April, 2023.

Climate Change | February 03, 2023 | By News Bureau 1148

Solar Energy – A Carbon Free Solution to a Carbon Free World

Sustainable carbon-free energy solutions such as solar are crucial to slowing the pace of climate change and preventing further damage to the environment.

Climate Change | February 02, 2023 | By News Bureau 963

Kioxia Installs Solar Power Generation Systems at Kitakami and Yokkaichi Plants in Japan

Kioxia Group is increasing the usage of renewable energy by installing large-scale solar power generation systems for the first time at its Kitakami Plant and Yokkaichi Plant.

Climate Change | February 01, 2023 | By News Bureau 693

Hero Electric Signs Partnership with Maxwell Energy Systems for BMS

Hero Electric has announced a 3 years partnership with Maxwell Energy Systems to supply Battery Management systems for its electric 2-wheelers.

Climate Change | January 24, 2023 | By News Bureau 891

Schneider Electric Issues Urgent Calls to Accelerate Energy Transition

Schneider Electric issued an urgent call for governments and companies around the world to accelerate their sustainability action and step up investments into technologies that will help them reduce their carbon emissions and bolster their energy security.

Climate Change | January 17, 2023 | By News Bureau 1002


Can Government’s Commitment towards the Biogas Industry Result in Better Air Quality?

Air pollution has far-reaching effects not only on human lives and physical health but also on poverty and mental health. Particulate matter can travel deep inside the lungs and spread all over the body, causing numerous diseases. According to the re...

Climate Change | January 04, 2023 | By News Bureau 112

Acing Solar Power Maintenance with Drones and Thermal Imaging

The climate changes that we are facing today call for immediate action both on an individual and community level. One of the major endeavours to combat climate change is the use of renewable sources of energy. Of these options, solar power has found ...

Climate Change | January 03, 2023 | By News Bureau 115

Floating Wind Turbines - a Promising Alternative

Climate change is negatively impacting the global economies. The primary cause of climate change is environmental pollution caused by greenhouse gases emitted from human activities. One of major contributor to greenhouse gases is energy production. C...

Climate Change | December 29, 2022 | By News Bureau 150

Roadmap for Feedstock Security to Achieve the Target of 20% Ethanol Blending in Petrol by 2025

India is one of the fastest growing energy consumer and set to be the most populous nation by 2027. Nearly 85 percent of India’s crude oil import, making it highly dependent on imports from major crude oil producing nations. Oil demand grew 8.2...

Climate Change | December 20, 2022 | By News Bureau 184

Why do people need to think of going green?

Transportation is an integral part of our life today. 30% of crude oil is consumed by this sector, out of which approximately 80% is by road transport. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector’s greenhouse gas...

Climate Change | December 05, 2022 | By News Bureau 188

India’s Global Climate Ambition and its Impact on the Manufacturing Sector

Climate change is one of the most significant and difficult issues that the development world has ever confronted. Previous months have seen a blast of action on environmental change, to the place where it is currently exceedingly difficult to get a ...

Climate Change | October 07, 2022 | By News Bureau 265

Marine Solutions to Address Climate Change Impacts

Climate change risks are acknowledged in global conventions such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). However, the UNFCCC’s Paris Agreement aim of limiting global warming below 2°C and the CBD biodiversity ...

Climate Change | September 27, 2022 | By News Bureau 330

How Biomethane Can Play an Integral Role in Leading to Carbon Neutrality

The Paris Agreement was a milestone on the world’s climate change stage: it held the promise of active steps towards carbon neutrality. Following its 5th anniversary in December 2020, countries responsible for approximately 70% of the global ec...

Climate Change | August 30, 2022 | By News Bureau 388

The Drive to The Future with E-Mobility - Building India’s EV Charging Infrastructure through Clean Energy

The world is witnessing rapid and erratic climate changes, and governments, businesses, and investors around the globe are rallying forces to curb the long-term impact of climate change. The world no longer pits economic growth against environmental ...

Climate Change | August 17, 2022 | By News Bureau 391

Every Sunset Brings a Promise of a New Dawn

The Talent of today have a perception, and thanks to media, there is enough hype created about few sectors which they believe are sunset sectors. One such sector being Oil & Gas.Few major reasons why the above perception has been created:• T...

Climate Change | July 04, 2022 | By News Bureau 792


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