Energetica India speaks to Mr. Heng (Eric) Zhang on Solis achievements and India future plans

India Solar Rooftop Map 2019, March Issue ranks Ginlong Solis on the 2nd position for solar inverters in Q1 2019. Whereas the compa
There are three aspects to this:

A. Brand: Ginlong Technologies, the manufacturer of Solis Inverters, is the only publicly-traded company with a primary focus on string inverters. This helps to strengthen customers' confidence in building long-term partnerships with Ginlong Solis.

B. Product: With a product as th...

Energetica India meets Mr. Vishwanath Kamath to learn about Fronius’ products for Indian Market

Please introduce Fronius & its presence in India Market to Energetica India readers
The presence of Fronius in India is since 1990 through our distributor Larsen & Toubro for our welding machines. The Fronius India subsidiary was started in 2014. There was quite a huge quantity of our old generation solar inverters that had direct supply from Fronius Austria even before 2014 to our Indian market which was during the early...

Mayank Mishra Speaks to Energetica India on the Application of AI Technology in the PV Industry

How do you see AI technology changing the solar industry?
Huawei thinks the largest challenge that solar inverters are currently facing is the in-depth intelligence, rather than the improvement of generation and efficiency. So, Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution has initiated with AI technology for PV plants, since last year. Inverters are expected to evolve into intelligent devices that can &ldquo...

Energetica India speaks to Mr. Jarnail Singh to learn about The Climate Group's Indian presence

How do you see India's journey in the Renewable Energy industry over the last 10 years?
The renewable energy industry has come a long way with the Indian government setting an ambitious target of achieving 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022 after committing to the Paris Agreement. This is more than the combined total installed capacity of several nations like Australia, Austria, Mexico, and the Philippines put together. The secto...

Mr. Naveen Munjal talks to Energetica India about India's Power T&D Sector & its future ahead

Please share your views on India’s Power Transmission and Distribution Sector
Power generation has been ahead of the curve vis-à-vis transmission and distribution. Today, India has almost 350,000 megawatts of installed capacity, whereas the actual peak load hasn’t gone beyond 200,000 megawatts. Though we have built substantial capacity on the generation side, there is a bit of a lag in transmission and a su...

Mr. Rishi Seth speaks to Energetica India on the Company’s Success in the Indian Solar Industry

Please introduce HPL Company to Energetica India readers?
HPL Electric & Power Limited is India’s leading electric equipment manufacturer with a formidable presence across five key verticals: Metering Solutions, Modular Switches, Switchgears, LED Lighting and Wires & Cables. Our backward (backend) integrated facilities have the capabilities of product design and development, component d...

Energetica India catches up with Imaan Javan to learn more about Suntuity REI plans for India

Please tell us about Suntuity’s foray into the Indian renewables market. What kind of solutions does it offer?
Suntuity REI is affiliated with the Suntuity Group of companies, one of the fastest-growing renewable energy companies globally. Suntuity REI provides utility-scale, commercial and residential solar energy, battery storage and renewable energy financing solutions for homeowners, business owners, and developers throughout India....

Energetica India speaks to Dr. Arunabha Ghosh to learn about CEEW & Views on Energy Transition

Please tell us about CEEW’s role in the Indian renewable energy sector
CEEW began operations in the same year that India's National Solar Mission began, and right from the beginning, we have tracked developments, not only in solar power but also in renewable energy overall. We believe that we've had a strategic role in the growth of India's renewable energy sector in three ways - the first is by lending an indepe...

Mr. Scott Tew speaks on Ingersoll Rand’s focus on sustainability and energy efficiency

What does Sustainability mean for Ingersoll Rand?
At Ingersoll Rand, and for our strategic climate brands, Thermo King and Trane, sustainability is at the very foundation of our business. It plays a significant role in our strategy and culture and involves widespread commitment and engagement from all levels of the organization, starting with the C-suite and our leadership team


Mr. Pranav Master speaks on CRISIL’s RE Services Portfolio & Future of E-mobility in India

Please tell about CRISIL Infra advisory services in India with regards to Renewable Energy Sector
CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory is a multi-disciplinary Consultancy, offering services in the infrastructure domain spanning across the entire development life cycle. With over two decades of experience, we are involved in shaping public policy and regulatory reforms, program management, preparing bankable infrastructure projects, undertaking t...

Mr. Deepankar Banerjee speaks about ExxonMobil's high-performance lubricants and their impact

Can you give us a brief outlook of the lubricant market globally and where India stands as a player?
The global lubricants market is growing at an annual rate of 2.5 percent and the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest-growing. The growth of end-user industries in key countries such as China and India is driving the growth of the lubricants market. From a global perspective, India is an exciting market, thanks to greenfield projects, capacity e...

Dr. Kushant Uppal speaks on solar lighting opportunities in India and Intelizon's achievements

Please tell our readers about Intelizon Energy
Intelizon Energy is one of the top global brands for lithium-ion based solar systems. We have set reliability standards for streetlights over the last 6 years. We are known for our innovation with state of the art remote monitoring and control features and inbuilt CCTV systems for enhanced surveillance. Our mission is honest: Reliable and Qual...

Mr. Sunil Rathi talks about Waaree’s plans & industry challenges including GST & Safeguard Duty

How do you see India's progress in the solar industry over the last 10 years?
Over the last decade, India has witnessed multiple substantial positive steps being taken towards transforming it into a solar-reliant country. The Government has provided considerable support in this regard, through special policy frameworks like the National Solar Mission. As part of the National Action Plan on Climate Change, the National S...

Mr. Tulsi Tanti, Chairman, IWTMA talks about current scenario of Indian Wind Energy Industry

How do you see India's progress in wind energy over the last 10 years?
The progress achieved in the last 10 years can be classified in the following categories:

a) Technology:

Size of turbines has developed from sub megawatt to megawatt, currently average is around 2.1 MW and will soon grow to 3 MW

Technology of turbine with higher hub-heights and bigger rotor diamet...

Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal talks about Fortum's Varied Services for Indian RE Sector

What kind of business model is Fortum working on for EV charging?
Fortum has been offering EV Charging service in Nordic countries for almost a decade. We have developed expertise in providing a greater experience to the consumer. Our Mobile App, which has been developed and fine-tuned based on consumer feedback offers a seamless experience to consumers in getting their vehicle charged. In India with the Gov...

Energetica India catches up with Ms. Neha Agrawal to know her views about India's Solar Journey

How do you see India's solar journey over the last 10 years?
India’s solar story has witnessed quite a journey from a mere 10 MW solar capacity in 2010 to 28 GW today. Policy support, reforms, foreign investment, and worldwide acceptability of solar in recent years have all played a major part in leading the country towards this incredible success.

Government policies directed to i...

Mr. Manu Karan discusses about Indian Solar Sector and its opportunities & challenges

How do you see India's journey in the solar industry over the last 10 years?
The solar industry in the last 10 years has seen drastic changes and evolution. While the adoption in the first few years was not considerable, the last 5 years have seen speedy growth. This growth is attributed to the favorable policies from MNRE and SECI as part of National Solar Mission of 100 GW by 2022. While most of the capacity install...

Mr. Satheesh Kumar speaks about India’s progress in electrification & importance of microgrids

How do you see India's progress in renewable energy and energy management over the last 10 years?
India has witnessed a great surge both in improving the infrastructure for evacuation and distribution of energy as well as in producing energy from renewable resources during the last decade. Our view is that top-down planning in terms of demand-supply is missing, resulting in the concentration of generation in pockets. This has led to a sign...

Dr. Chakradhar Byreddy discusses UL’s role in India’s growing energy certification space.

How do you see the progress in India's renewable energy industry over the last 10 years?
To understand the renewable industry in India, it needs to be broken down into three segments – wind energy, solar energy and grid infrastructure. In solar energy, India has come a long way to become one of the biggest growth markets and has held strong amidst challenges to grow year-on-year. The wind energy segment has seen tremendous ...

Mr. Samay Mangalagiri speaks with Energetica India about India’s rooftop solar PV niche

Please introduce Energetica India readers to SM Renergy (P) Limited
SM Renergy (P) Ltd (SMR) was founded in 2017 with the vision to be able to provide cost - effective and quality renewable energy generating systems with a focus on rooftop solar PV. We are a young and dynamic company, having commissioned 4 MWp of turnkey EPC rooftop solar PV projects across India cumulatively and have approximately 3.5MWp unde...

M V S Vijay Kumar speaks to Energetica India on the New Technologies in the Energy Sector

What trends do you foresee in 2019 in the Indian Energy management space?
Energy is one of the key enablers for India’s economic development, given we’re one the world’s fastest growing major economies and with India being the third largest energy consumer in the world. According to International Energy Agency (IEA), India’s aggregate energy consumption will more than double by 2040.

Mr. Venkatesh Dwivedi talks about EESL's focus in EV, rural solar and energy efficiency

What role can solar play in enriching our farmers'lives? What kind of projects is EESL working on in this niche?
The agriculture sector’s demand for electricity is anticipated to double over the next decade, as it is linked to the irrigation demand for larger cropped areas, newer crop varieties, and rising mechanization. Without proper intervention, agri-subsidies will continue to hurt DISCOMs and the energy value chain.

Farm access ...

Mr. Chandra Bhushan talks about CSE Analysis on ‘State of the Renewable Energy Sector in India"

Recently, CSE released new analysis on the ‘State of the Renewable Energy Sector in India’. What are the key outcome an
Renewable energy in India has made remarkable progress in recent years. Centre for Science and Environment's book takes stock of this progress, analyses segment-wise trends to highlight strengths and weaknesses, examines fundamental risks and provides solutions to ensure sustained growth.

So far, RE growth has been concentrated...

Mr. Dhaval Radia speaks about Greenlight Planet journey to build a presence in 25 Indian states

Congratulations on your success in raising $2.36 million through Trine
Thank you! This was a unique collaboration between Trine and Greenlight Planet, and it happens to be the largest transaction of its kind raised through Trine’s crowdfunding platform. This funding will support Greenlight Planet's growth in India, and it is anticipated to provide 560,000 people with energy access while reducing an estimate...

Upendra Tripathy discusses Role of International Solar Alliance in development of Solar Energy

How do you define the role of International Solar Alliance?
The role of International Solar Alliance is to collectively address key common challenges to the scaling up of solar energy and to provide a common platform for cooperation to Member countries. We are doing our best to enable the financial instruments and to strengthen the backward and forward linkages in the solar sector with the help of our ...

Energetica India speaks to Dr Rahul Walawalkar to learn more about Indian energy storage market

How important a role will energy storage play in realizing the Indian vision of sustainability-covering renewables, EVs and energy
India has the potential to deploy over 300 GWH of energy storage by 2022. Electric vehicles, behind the meter and grid scale energy storage are key applications to help the Indian government meet wind and solar targets as well as meeting the energy access goals. We are already seeing the inflection point for deployment of energy storage in com...

Energetica India interacts with Dana Olson to learn more about DNV GL-Energy in India

Please introduce our readers to DNV GL - Energy in India
DNV GL is a global quality assurance and risk management company providing advisory, testing, inspection and certification services. In DNV GL - Energy we have more than 2,300 experts globally in the wind, solar, grids, storage and energy management sectors. We help various stakeholders across the energy value chain, including developers, fina...

Energetica India catches up with Sandith Thandasherry to learn more about NavAlt success

What kind of success has NavAlt seen so far?
Since the inception of India’s first solar ferry in 2017, we could create buzz in the market. Indian maritime industry is now steaming with the idea of electric powered boats. River navigation department of Goa and Kochi Water Metro is following the success of Aditya “India’s First Solar Ferry”. Kerala Govt has decided ...

Energetica India interacts with Manish Gupta to learn about Insolation Energy’s business

Insolation Energy (INA) has Rajasthan’s first fully automatic SPV Module manufacturing line. Does this create any competitive
Fully automatic SPV Module manufacturing line not only helps in setting an accurate projected cost and time of production but also you can manufacture best-in-class quality PV modules with it. By setting Rajasthan’s first fully automatic 60 MW SPV Module manufacturing line, we can acquire our aim of producing the most reliable PV modules...

Energetica India talks to Sudhir Garg to learn about Patanjali’s foray into Indian RE sector

Please introduce Energetica India readers to Patanjali Renewable Energy
Patanjali’s advent into renewable energy space is a result of Baba Ramdev’s striving vision of reaching to a large number population by catering to their electricity needs through clean and natural energy sources. Today, in India, there are many villages and remote localities which are yet to be electrified while the country advanc...
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