We are Up for Bringing Our in-house Battery Show from USA to India soon.

Plans of Expanding the Horizon of REI are Already Set in Motion
The plans of expanding the horizon of REI are already set in motion. We are going big way in bringing Bio Energy sector to life once again as it has tremendous potential in India. Additionally, the Batteries and EVs pose huge potential and we are up for the grab in bringing our in-house event “The Battery Show” from USA into India ...

Policy Support has been Insufficient for Realising the Full Potential of EV Market

Sofarsolar to Kick-Start Local Manufacturing Unit in 2021
We are doing good business in OEM segment, and are on top position in the OEM development in Indian market. Our management has decided to start local manufacturing unit in 2021, and will announce very soon about the location. We are very aggressive towards developing our business on local manufacturing concept, said Brijesh Prajapati, Managing...

In the longer term ArcVera has expansive plans for India

Our expertise is perfectly suitable to the application of winning tenders
We provide accurate long-term hourly and short-interval ten-minute time series of energy production estimates to inform the design of hybrid projects. Without a granular, time series approach in methodology, major errors in design and expectations for hybrid performance accrue, and worst-case scenarios persist unmitigated. Our expertise is per...

To Boost EVs’ Demand in India, Govt Should Focus on Both Fiscal and Non-Fiscal Impediments

Amphenol sets up manufacturing & assembly lines to fulfil electrical connectors’ requirement
To complement our existing business and to further expand our product lines and technological capabilities, Amphenol has come up with Amphenol PCD, Chennai and their state of art manufacturing & assembly lines have been set up at Maramalai Nagar, Chennai to fulfil the requirement of electrical connectors to be used in Electric Vehicle, Rai...

More Focused Approach will be Required Towards Funding Low Cost Innovation

Additional support in the form of Incubation Centers and Ease of Doing Business can be helpful
Number of schemes for new entrants under the Start-up India initiative has been set up, primarily in terms of funding, tax breaks and rebates. Additional support in the form of Incubation Centres and Ease of Doing Business can be helpful. Some of the best steps could be – spreading more awareness about schemes launched, e-governance and ...

Revayu Energy Looking to Raise $4 Mn from Potential Investors.

Most of Our Innovations are driven out of Our Problem Solving Approach
No doubt there have been challenges, but more challenges we faced, stronger has been our determination to overcome those. Moreover, we truly believe that if there is a problem, there has to be a solution and most of our innovations are driven out of our problem solving approach. Telecom industry emits 6 million metric tonnes of CO2 annually an...

It is High Time for Indian Industry to Take up R&D and Advanced Cell Manufacturing.

India Likely to Attract Over $3Bn Investments in next 3 Yrs for Advanced Li-Ion Batteries
India is expected to attract investment in two-to-four Giga factories for advanced Li-ion batteries, attracting over $3 billion in investments in the next 3 years. The battery pack manufacturers in India are currently assembling high capacity packs with the goal to target electric vehicles and stationary storage market. Assembling of Li-ion ba...

India will Require Strong Professionals to Power its RE Ambitions Over Next 5 Yrs

There are opportunities available for qualified professionals irrespective of gender
Traditionally, energy studies have been male-dominated, but I’ve seen a shift over the years. Today, in renewables in particular, there are a growing number of women in leadership positions, with many setting up their own businesses. To my mind, the disparity that existed has reduced to a large extent and there are opportunities availabl...

Major Reforms Need to be Initiated in the Power Distribution Sector

Privatization will be key to ensuring profitability and operation efficiency for the power distribution sector.
I feel major reforms need to be initiated in the power distribution sector to address the challenges facing the power sector. Privatization of the sector will be key to ensuring profitability and operation efficiency for the sector. The recent announcement privatizing the DISCOMs in Union Territories was a significant step in this direction. ...

EV Policy for India Must be Tailor-Made to India’s Particular Needs

ABB’s Solar Inverter Biz Integration is a Decisive Step Forward in Our Strategy
The integration of ABB’s solar inverter business is a decisive step forward in our strategy. With this transaction, we expanded our solutions portfolio and achieved an even more distinctive market positioning. With the acquisition of ABB’s solar inverter business, FIMER becomes the 4th largest solar inverter supplier in the world w...

Sustainability is What Comes Naturally to Women

Sustainability is What Comes Naturally to Women.
Sustainability is what comes naturally to women. Academic pursuits in STEM or Arts or commerce- all are a wonderful fit for renewables. I place a testimony that with concerted efforts, scholarship, merit and a positive mind set: Sky Is The Limit. There is a fine balance of ancient best practices and technology when it comes to renewable energy...

Solar+Storage, Smart Energy Management and Energy Efficiency is the Future for Solar PV

Solar plus storage as well as smart energy management and energy efficiency is the future for solar photovoltaic.
Solar + Storage as well as smart energy management and energy efficiency is the future for solar photovoltaic (PV). Solar storage has been growing robustly in Europe and Australia. We've launched the GroHome solution including, smart meter, smart switch, smart thermostat, says Lisa Zhang, Marketing Director, Growatt in an exclusive interview w...

We are not far behind China if we focus on building ecosystem for battery manufacturing.

We are not far behind China if we focus on building the ecosystem required for battery manufacturing today. We could attain global
I believe policymakers should focus on building battery manufacturing capacity. We are not far behind China if we focus on building the ecosystem required for battery manufacturing today. We could attain global leadership in the segment, says Animesh Damani, Partner at Artha Energy Resources in an exclusive interview with Manu Tayal, Associate...

Kadri Simson, European Commission discusses about The European Green Deal & its future RE plans

In a recent report, we learned that the EU is set to slightly surpass 2030 renewable energy goals. Can you please elaborate more on
Our preliminary assessment of the national energy and climate plans (NECPs) presented by the EU Member States for the period 2021-2030 indicates that the EU as a whole might reach a share of renewables of 33%, slightly above the formal 2030 target of 32%. In any case, if the EU is to fulfill its climate goals and its objective of becoming a fu...

Yash Jain, MicroSun Solar Tech Pvt Ltd. talks about the company’s progress and its future plans

Please tell our readers about MicroSun Solar? What kind of solutions does it offer for the Indian solar industry?
MicroSun Solar is a renewable energy company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of solar photovoltaic modules/panels, solar water pumping systems, solar lighting systems, and solar power packs in India. It is a pivotal company in the area of renewable energy providing end-to-end solar PV solutions ranging from manufacturing solar PV mo...

Honey Raza, Solis India talks about company’s plans for India and opportunities from COVID-19

How has the lockdown affected the production process for Ginlong Solis?
Every crisis will bring new challenges as well as new opportunities to companies that have outstanding product competitiveness and can quickly respond to emergencies. This has allowed Ginlong Solis, which has seen a rapid increase in capturing market share, to prepare for the future.

The process of photovoltaic enterprises' tran...

Energetica India talks to Rana Adib, REN21 to learn about Renewables 2020 Global Status Report

Please tell our readers about the REN21 ‘Renewables 2020 Global Status Report’. What are the key findings of the report
There are three central messages that emerge from last year’s data.

1. Renewable power continues to have fantastic progress. It beats all other fuels in growth and competitiveness. This momentum continues, thanks in large part to sustained policy support and cost reductions. But the progress in the power sector is only a s...

Francoise d’Estais, UNEP discusses the Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2020 Report

Please tell us about the Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2020 report. What are the key findings that the report accent
Few of the key findings of the report are:

a. This year the report highlights a few records for renewable energy investment:

The highest solar power capacity additions in one year, at 118 GW.

The highest investment in offshore wind in one year, at USD 29.9 billion, up 19 percent year-on-year.

Energetica India catches up with Naushad Saifi,JinkoSolar to learn about company’s new products

Could you please share more details on Jinko Solar’s Tiger module? From when will this module be available for the Indian sol
JinkoSolar launched its new flagship module, Tiger, at All-Energy Australia 2019. Tiger offers customers a highly competitive performance-to-cost advantage as well as a fast time-to-market with direct migration from the Cheetah version.

Tiger module provides better density and power value than previous models, due to a combinati...

Idrish khan, Ginlong (Solis) India discusses support to its clients in the COVID-19 situation

How is Solis responding to the current COVID-19 situation in terms of helping its clients operate as efficiently as possible?
In the current COVID-19 situation all our employees are working remotely (work from home). The structure is such that our service team is based in different regions with the resident engineer to support the customer with just in time approach. So, in the COVID-19 situation, nothing much has changed in our commitment to the clients; the enginee...

Mani Khurana, World Bank Discusses the SUPRABHA Initiative from the World Bank & MNRE

Could you please help introduce Energetica India readers to SUPRABHA initiative?
World Bank has provided a line of credit (US$ 625 million) to State Bank of India to provide concessional loans for the installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV). These solar PV installations will provide clean, renewable energy, and reduce GHG emissions. The project includes a $12.93 million technical assistance component, Sustainable ...

Mr. Arun Sharma, Sterlite Power discusses Prospect for Renewable Energy Integration to The Grid

Power demand in India has been falling in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. What are the key measures that will ensure smo
The power demand in India, the world's third-largest energy consumer, has been falling in the wake of the national lockdown announced on 25th March. We have seen the peak demand dropping to 20-25% since the lockdown announcement which in energy terms translates to a reduction of 25-28%. In India, the fall in the energy demand is mainly due to ...

Energetica India speaks to Venkatesh Dwivedi, EESL to gather insights into its 10-years journey

How would you describe EESL's decade long journey to unlock the true potential of energy efficiency in India?
EESL was established with the vision of achieving universal access for sustainable energy solutions that can enable a low carbon future and deliver social and economic impact. The early success with our domestic street lighting programme deepened our commitment and accelerated our mission for driving widespread energy efficiency adoption. Sinc...

Energetica India speaks to Mr. Yukun Hu, Sungrow India on the company’s inverter technology

How do you see the solar inverter market in India for the year 2020?
With a large-scale auction in previous years, the significant capacity of PV projects is in pipeline to be executed in 2020 and 2021. Hence we see a very good prospect for the solar inverter market in India for 2020. We are happy that we have already secured a few big orders from some of the largest IPPs for their upcoming projects....

Mr. Rupinder Paintal, ExxonMobil Lubricants talks about high-performance lubricants

Can you give us a brief outlook of the lubricant market globally and where India stands as a player?
The global lubricants market is growing at an annual rate of 2.5 percent and the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest-growing. The growth of end-user industries in key countries such as China and India is driving the growth of the lubricants market. From a global perspective, India is an exciting market, thanks to greenfield projects, capacity e...

Mr. Rajaram Pai, DuPont discusses the importance of backsheets in solar modules

What kind of insights do we have from DuPont's annual Global Field Reliability Study from the Indian perspective?
DuPont has been collecting data on material degradation for almost a decade through field inspections across the world to see how panels perform in various climates. As per 2019 DuPont global field studies, out of 0.7 GW panels inspected in India, approximately 11% of panels exhibited backsheet defects. The backsheet defect rate went up to ~35...

Energetica India talks to Dr.Angela Wilkinson, World Energy Council about the Energy Transition

Today, the energy industry is advocating Sustainability at an accelerated pace. In your opinion, how has the industry progressed in
Since the World Energy Council was founded in 1923 there has been considerable evolution in the energy sector and society’s energy use. Following the First World War, the Council formed in response to the challenge of “Energy for Peace” and to help nations share expertise on harnessing the increasing diversity of resources an...

Energetica India Speak to Jonas Eklind, CEO, Azelio about the Growth of Advanced Energy Storage

Please tell our readers about Azelio
Azelio is a Swedish-based company, with roots in the automotive cluster of Western Sweden. Founded in 2008, the company has been focused on turning waste gas into electricity, with over 170 installations worldwide. Since the last 3 years Azelio has turned its focus storage of renewable energy from solar and wind, and recently installed its ene...

Mrigesh Kejriwal, Fourth Partner Energy Talks About Process of Installing C&I Solar Power Plant

What parameters should a corporate entity study before going in for a rooftop solar plant?
1. Strength of the Roof to bear the load of a solar power plant – industry standard requires a distributed load of about 25 kg/sq. m and a point load of 80 kg/sq. m

2. Shadow-free roof area available – thumb rule is about 10 sq. m/kWp. Shadows caused by overhanging wires, fences, etc. drastically impact the generatio...

Energetica India speaks with Dámaso Peláez, STI Norland on Solar Tracker Niche & Indian Market

STI Norland has recently reached the milestone of 3 GW, globally. Could you please share more details on this achievement?
Our sales growth is developing at such fast-paced speed that last September’s announcement about reaching 3 GW milestone is already outdated. Although we haven’t officially announced it, we are currently closing several contracts that will make us reach a global track record of 4 GW. Our biggest markets are Mexico, Brazil, Chile, a...
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