Energetica India Magazine October-November 2021

PRODUCT FEATURE IoT Based Solar Panel Monitor by Makerspace, Anant National University 58 energetica INDIA- Oct-Nov_2021 Makerspace at Anant National University was established to provide students with a facility where ideas can be convert- ed into real products and artefacts. Students can undertake multiple explorations. Be it the Proof-of-concept prototypes, Experimental models, Exploration of materials outcomes, Full working models, Programmable or intelligent IoT enabled de- vices, it’s all under one roof. It is a collaborative workshop area open for students, facul- ty and staff. Though each Team member comes with varied backgrounds and skill-sets, yet at Makerspace, they all have one identity – The Problem solvers! Makerspace gives the freedom to ideate & constructively create innovations that can be suited across the age groups. The army of innovators are trained & groomed to think out of the box for a Smart India. Out of the many unique innovations, one is IoT based solar panel monitor. IoT based Solar Panel Monitor Panel Safety and efficiency are the biggest issue which is be - ing phased by panel Manufacturers. The true impact of bird droppings on solar panels, reduces the solar panel efficiency which make dropdown in major unit generation, to add more when the panel is fixed at a inclined degree the disaster of monkey jumping on panel makes the panel glass breakdown and a severe damage to panel. Development and implementation of a solar panel Monitor- ing system for safety and efficiency solar tracking system is connected with the Wi-Fi router, and the coordinates can be changed globally with the help of android application. Panel safety and cleaning are also important constrain, which have been taken care in the development. Our Main aim is to protect the panel from Monkey jumping and bird dropping on the panel, with the coordination with the controller and application via IOT technology we can change the position of solar panel from 45° to 90° Straight particularly in the early morning and evening to protect from natural hab- itat, with this the safety of the panel glass will add few more years in the life of panel and also washing the panel at 90° is much easier and comfortable as a user can monitor every corner of the panel and get it clean easily which will generate 2-3 units more. The panel will be set four times a day starting in early morn- ing when sun rise between 9-11 am the panel will set at the angle 72° when the sun is on the head at afternoon 12-3 pm the panel is going to set at flat complete horizontal so at that point the maximum efficiency can be available to be precise the energy what we can save is 2-3 units a day can be an added advantage. It was developed by Parth Shah, Assistant Professor and Manager, Makerspace, at Anant National University.