INDUSTRY JEWEL: Manish Dabkara, CMD & CEO, EKI Energy Services Ltd

The future of the industry seems bright. As it is not very easy for countries to reduce their carbon emission to meet their climate goals, the requirement for services like carbon credits will increase gradually.

April 26, 2022. By Manu Tayal

Education and Background:
Mr. Manish Dabkara hails from Mahu, Indore. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Energy and Environment Management, which made him a certified energy auditor. He firmly believes that “Life is for learning forever”, which, keeps him encouraged and motivated to learn new things, move towards perfection, and hone his skills. Always looking to enhance his knowledge, he has done several certifications in Quality and Management from IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Indore, CII, GIZ & BEE.
Work experience:
Mr. Manish started his career with the energy auditing firm SGS and also worked for a German Government-owned company. He had a short stint at both organizations. In 2008, he started his entrepreneurial journey with a start-up initiative EKI Energy Services Ltd which later got popularized as “EnKing International” across the globe. With a base from his hometown, Indore, EnKing International was born as his dream project with the ardent determination to make planet Earth a Green Global Society. EnKing International is now a leading Carbon Credit Developer and Supplier. Mr. Manish is a recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award 2014 and Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Achievements in Business “Climate Change – International Industry” by the Indian Solidarity Council, New Delhi.
Company Work Goals and Achievements:
EnKing International renders strategic solutions to businesses and organizations to help them achieve their climate ambition and envisions aligning economic recovery with climate goals and long-term sustainability. EnKing started its work in the domain of energy and environment and eventually emerged as the market leader in carbon credit development and supply.

Leading globally in the domain of carbon credit, climate change, and sustainability solutions; the company has been providing its clients with quality-oriented services consistently for over 13 years. The company provides services across Carbon Offset Standards, Carbon Offsetting, Renewable Energy Attributes, Carbon Footprinting & Neutrality.

Over the period of 13 years, since the inception of EnKing International, the company has grown from a team of 5 members to 180+ members. It is now a BSE-listed company with a valuation of over 1 billion $. Over this period, EnKing has successfully worked on over 1000 projects, with 2500+ customers in over 40 countries across APAC, Europe, North and South America, and Africa. The organization has achieved various milestones and recognitions since its inception such as “Super 30 Companies of the Year 2018” by The Silicon Review for being the most strategic and innovative business.

At EnKing, Mr. Manish looks forward to making more meaningful and strategic investments in community-based projects and ensuring the best client services across the energy, climate change & business excellence sector, including advisory, audits, trading & training services to help them become more profitable and sustainable.
Industry Outlook:
Since the release of the Paris Agreement 2015, net-zero commitments have been on the rise and the recently concluded COP26 further accelerated the momentum towards net-zero. COP26 witnessed the zeal of nations to turn the 2020s into a decade of climate action and support. As a result, voluntary carbon markets are becoming increasingly robust and attractive. This growth is driven by the interest of businesses and organizations in cutting emissions using offsets.

The future of the industry seems bright. As it is not very easy for countries to reduce their carbon emission to meet their climate goals, the requirement for services like carbon credits will increase gradually. Every country has two options- either implement a carbon tax or encourage emission trading. The majority of nations consider emission trading as the best system to reduce emissions.
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