India’s Power Sector and its Clean Energy Targets

The commitment to renewable energy, coupled with advancements in technology, has opened new avenues for collaboration and innovation in the power sector. This transformation not only addresses the immediate energy needs of the nation but also aligns with global efforts to combat climate change.

February 06, 2024. By News Bureau

Understanding India’s Power Sector
In recent years, India has made significant strides in diversifying its energy mix, with a particular focus on expanding its power generation capacity. It is the third-largest producer and consumer of electricity worldwide, with an installed power capacity of 423.35 GW as of July 31, 2023. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set a target of achieving 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. The commitment to renewable energy, coupled with advancements in technology, has opened new avenues for collaboration and innovation in the power sector. This transformation not only addresses the immediate energy needs of the nation but also aligns with global efforts to combat climate change.
The 500 GW target includes a mix of solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable sources, underscoring a holistic approach to diversifying the energy mix and reducing the carbon footprint. To put it in perspective, achieving 500 GW by 2030 would require a rapid acceleration of renewable energy deployment, as the country aims to increase its current renewable capacity by more than fivefold. This not only underscores the urgency of reducing power-sector emissions but also presents immense opportunities within the energy industry.
Achieving India's ambitious target requires a collaborative effort involving governments, businesses, and communities. Policy frameworks, such as the tenders recently issued for offshore wind energy plants, foster innovation, encourage investments, and also present opportunities for advancing India’s emission-reduction goals. Moreover, a focus on skill development and capacity building is crucial to nurture the workforce needed for the expanding renewable energy sector.
Role of Lubrication in Wind Energy
Wind turbines operate in demanding conditions, subject to temperature extremes, high loads, and exposure to environmental elements. The gearbox, a critical component of wind turbines, undergoes intense stress as it transforms the slow rotation of the blades into high-speed rotation for electricity generation. Lubricants, specifically formulated for these conditions, minimize friction, reducing wear and tear on gears and bearings. This not only enhances the reliability of the turbine but also contributes to its durability, allowing for a longer operational life.
Advanced lubricants' primary benefits are their ability to reduce friction within the turbine's moving parts. By doing so, these lubricants play a pivotal role in increasing energy efficiency. With lower friction, wind turbines can optimize wind energy conversion into electricity.
High-performance lubricants offer superior protection against wear, enabling turbines to operate for more extended periods before requiring maintenance. This not only minimizes downtime but also reduces operational costs, making wind energy a more economically viable and sustainable option.
Wind turbines operate in a variety of climates, from scorching heat to freezing cold. Lubricants are designed to function effectively across a broad range of temperatures, preventing viscosity-related issues. This temperature resilience ensures that the lubrication system performs consistently, regardless of environmental conditions. Coastal and offshore locations, where many wind turbines are situated, present challenges such as exposure to salt and corrosive elements. Lubricants with corrosion inhibitors act as a protective barrier, safeguarding critical components from corrosion and extending the lifespan of the turbine.
Mobil’s Contributions in Revolutionising Lubrication
Understanding the significant role of lubricants in the industry, MobilTM brings the finest quality products to ensure maximum operational excellence. Mobil DTE™ 700 Series lubricants are Zinc-Free turbine lubricants specifically designed for use in gas and steam turbine applications. They are formulated with carefully selected base stocks and additives, including antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors, and anti-foam agents. 
Similarly, Mobil SHC™ Gear 320 WT advanced wind turbine gear lubricant is a fully synthetic industrial gear lubricant designed to provide optimum equipment protection for wind turbine gearboxes and extended lubricant life even under extreme conditions. Mobil's next-generation polyalphaolefin (PAO) technology is the foundation for this novel, balanced gear oil formulation, which delivers benefits in micro pitting, viscosity index, air release, and low-temperature flow characteristics versus other synthetic gear oils.
Mobil SHC™ Grease 460 WT is a superior performance lubricant especially suited to exceed the demanding requirements of wind turbine applications at extremes of temperature. The unique features of synthetic base fluids are combined with those of a high-quality lithium complex thickener. The wax-free nature of synthetic fluids and the low coefficient of traction provide excellent low-temperature pumpability and very low starting and running torque. 
For Seamless Operation
High-performance turbine oils can mitigate operational challenges in large-frame turbines under severe operating conditions. With different types of turbines being deployed, it is essential to focus on lubricants that guarantee exceptional protection even in extreme conditions, help limit maintenance resistance to micropitting and scuffing and help enhance equipment life.

With continuous product innovation to meet the emerging requirements of the renewable energy sector, and through timely deployment of advanced lubricant solutions, India can accelerate its clean energy transition – in addition to achieving self-sufficiency in the energy sector, which will be another hallmark of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.  
- Shantanu Sharma, General Manager- Brand Marketing South AP, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd.
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