Gujarat's Evolving Solar Energy Landscape

One of the leading states in terms of solar power project investments, Gujarat’s total solar energy installed capacity stood at 10,133.66 MW as of June 30, 2023.

March 26, 2024. By News Bureau

With abundant sunlight and a progressive approach, Gujarat has emerged as a front-runner in the adoption of solar energy. One of the leading states in terms of solar power project investments, Gujarat’s total solar energy installed capacity stood at 10,133.66 MW as of June 30, 2023. Being the trendsetter in Roof Top Solar (RTS) installations, Gujarat’s share was 3.2 GW, followed by Maharashtra and Rajasthan at 1.9 GW and 1.1 GW respectively.  
The Gujarat Renewable Energy Policy-2023 was introduced with a goal to generate 50 percent of its power from renewable energy sources by 2030. The policy, which will be effective until 2028, was unveiled by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel in Gandhinagar, with the aim to attract investments of approximately INR 5 lakh crore in the renewable energy sector. It outlines the harnessing of an estimated 36 GW of solar and 143 GW of wind capacity and covers various renewable energy projects, including ground-mounted solar, rooftop solar, floating solar, canal-top solar, wind, rooftop wind, and wind-solar hybrid projects. 
While Gujarat continues to explore its untapped potential in the solar energy sector, Energetica India interacts with Chirag Nakrani, Founder & MD of Rayzon Solar. With its industrial base strategically located in Surat, Gujarat, Rayzon Solar has established itself as a hub of cutting-edge solar technology.
Excerpts from the interview:
Evolving solar energy landscape of Gujarat
As Rayzon Solar, our contribution to Gujarat's evolving solar energy landscape involves establishing localized manufacturing facilities to produce high-quality solar panels tailored to the region's needs. Through research and development, we aim to enhance panel efficiency and durability while investing in training programs to cultivate local expertise. Collaborating with stakeholders and raising awareness through community outreach are integral parts of our strategy to accelerate solar adoption, foster economic growth, and mitigate environmental impact in Gujarat.
Gujarat Government's plan to make Gandhinagar a Sustainable and Smart Solar City
As Rayzon Solar, we are excited to support the Gujarat Government's vision to transform Gandhinagar into a Sustainable and Smart Solar City. Our role in this endeavour involves providing high-quality solar panels and expertise to facilitate the city's transition to renewable energy. By collaborating with local authorities and stakeholders, we aim to design and deploy customized solar solutions that align with Gandhinagar's sustainability goals. Through our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we will ensure the production of efficient and durable solar panels optimized for the city's unique requirements. Moreover, we are committed to supporting the government's initiatives through research and development, training programs, and community engagement to promote widespread solar adoption, foster economic growth, and create a greener future for Gandhinagar.
Economic impact of solar energy initiatives taken by Rayzon Solar in Gujarat 
As Rayzon Solar, our solar energy initiatives in Gujarat have a significant economic impact, fostering job creation and local development. We have a manufacturing unit with current capacity of 4.0 GW, set to expand to 10 GW by 2025, equipped with cutting-edge technology and integrated processes, including quality assurance and an in-house lab all within the region, we directly generate employment opportunities for skilled workers, technicians, and engineers involved in the production, assembly, and quality control of solar panels. Additionally, our localized supply chain creates indirect employment opportunities in transportation, logistics, and support services.
Furthermore, as we collaborate with local suppliers and service providers, we contribute to the development of ancillary industries and small businesses. Moreover, by investing in research and development, training programs, and education initiatives, we empower the local workforce with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in the renewable energy sector. Overall, our presence in Gujarat not only stimulates economic growth but also fosters a sustainable ecosystem for long-term development and prosperity.
Scope of installing Solar Roof-Top Hybrid Grid-connected and Stand-Alone Systems in the city
As Rayzon Solar, the scope for installing solar roof-top hybrid grid-connected and stand-alone systems in the city is promising and multifaceted. With the increasing awareness and emphasis on renewable energy, there is a growing demand for solar solutions, especially in urban areas like our city. Solar roof-top hybrid grid-connected systems offer a viable option for residential, commercial, and industrial properties to generate clean energy while reducing electricity bills and carbon footprint. These systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, utilizing available roof space efficiently.
Additionally, stand-alone systems provide off-grid solutions for remote areas or locations with unreliable grid connectivity, offering independence and reliability in power supply. With our expertise in manufacturing high-quality solar panels and comprehensive solutions, we are well-positioned to cater to the diverse needs of our city, facilitating the widespread adoption of solar energy and contributing to a sustainable future.
- Energetica India
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