Case Study on PGESCo using Bentley Applications for $460 Mn Power Station Project

PGESCo designed a USD 460 million high-efficiency power station using Bentley applications, handling over 2,600 models and documents for on-time and on-budget delivery.

January 13, 2022. By News Bureau

Providing a New Energy Source
In Assiut, Egypt, there is an increasing demand for electrical power and energy. Therefore, power generator organization PGESCo was tasked with designing a power plant that would help bridge the gap between demand and available energy. They began work on the 670-megawatt Assiut Supercritical Power Station, which, once operational, will meet the city’s increased energy requirements. However, the USD 460 million high-efficiency, steam-powered generation station was complex and needed to include one indoor steam turbine, one outdoor pressurized furnace steam generator, storage tanks, related water pumps, and a natural gas pressure-reducing station.

Designing a Complex Power Plant
Facing high client expectations and intricate plant design requirements, PGESCo sought technology that would allow them to achieve success with dynamic software. The applications needed to allow them to complete all conceptual and detailed design of the multiple plant systems, prepare tender documents, follow all necessary guidelines, and manage all aspects of the project, including construction and commissioning. PGESCo also needed to provide a single platform where everyone across the project lifecycle could find the right information when they needed it, as well as contribute.

Improving Collaboration with Highly Visual Design
Already using Bentley applications for several other engineering projects, PGESCo designed and analyzed steel and concrete structures in STAAD and measured drawings and reviewed 3D models in Navigator. All disciplines managed, shared, and collaborated on the complex design within ProjectWise’s connected data environment, allowing team members to access project data in realtime from any location. Using ProjectWise as the core of their collaboration platform made it easier for the team to stay informed of all project updates, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns.

ProjectWise’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams made it easier to create a standardized project information platform, as well as make it easytouse for mobile devices.

Saving Time and Cost with a Connected Data Environment
PGESCo finished the design in November 2020. Not only did they deliver the design on time, but they also achieved a high level of accuracydue tothe coordination among all necessary disciplines. This accuracy allowed the team to correctly budget for future stages of the project and remove rework at the site, saving significant time and cost. PGESCo’s use of digital workflows reduced paper usage by 70%. Additionally, using ProjectWise allowed them to efficiently issue and handle over 26,000 drawings and documents throughout the design and execution phases. PGESCo overcame all challenges and exceeded its client’s expectations on this complex power generation project.

Project Playbook: MicroStation, Navigator, ProjectWise, STAAD

- PGESCo was tasked with designing the 670-megawatt Assiut Supercritical Power Station.
- Using digital workflows reduced paper usage by 70%, allowing them to deliver the project on time and within budget.
- ProjectWise’s connected data environment allowed them to efficiently issue and handle over 26,000 drawings and documents throughout the design and execution phases.


- Maureen Gallagher, Solution Marketing Manager, Utilities, Bentley Systems 
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