“We May Soon Say Goodbye to Monofacial”

As bifacial technology establishes itself in the market, module cost is likely to fall further to be competitive with monofacial. This will have a significant impact on financial models. Bifacial technology is no more a future vision, it is becoming the reality.

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd

How Much of Impact Would A 25% Weight Decrease On a Panel Be to The Industry?

The greatest performance benefits for bifacial technology are seen when it is deployed in tracking systems. For single-axis tracking system, 25% weight loss has been shown to provide superior alleviation over the tracking system, as this does not require special design or strengthened material

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd

Why Solis Inverters became the Preferred Choice of Airports PV Power Station at Home and Abroad.

Ginlong Solis inverters adopt Wider MPPT voltage range and Integrated AFCI modules to improve the conversion efficiency of inverter and ensures more power generation of the system. Long - term adhere to cooperate with Best-in-Class Partners for selection of internationally renowned brand components to ensure inverters reliable and stable

Team Solis

India’s Energy Storage Market

Advanced energy storage technologies can play an important role in renewable integration, energy access, electric mobility and the smart cities initiatives of the Indian government. We are at a critical stage for building a manufacturing ecosystem for advanced energy storage technologies in India. While, around the globe, over 200 GWh of advanced energy storage manufacturing capacity is already built and another 200 GWh of new capacity will be built within the next three to five years.

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)

How Tech is Making Thermal Power Generation More Sustainable in The Changing Energy Landscape

With the latest sophisticated primary NOx reduction technology, including burner modification and over firing system (OFA), the desired NOx emission levels given by Indian regulation can also be met at a local power plant in India. Though implementing the Primary Low-NOx solution for one boiler takes months as resources to implement the modifications are limited, it is a cost-efficient option that can help coal-fired thermal power plants be ready on time

Sanjay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Fortum India Pvt. Ltd

Wind Power 2017 Statistics

In 2017, the global wind industry continued with installations above 50 GW. After five years of essentially flat markets from 2009-2013 due to the global financial crisis, installations crossed the 50 GW mark in 2014 mark, and have stayed over 50 GW for the last four years.

Report from Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

Promotion of Biomass based Cogeneration

MNRE has announced a scheme to support promotion of biomass based cogeneration Insugar mills and other industries in the country upto March 2020.

Energetica India

Vision to Action : RE in India is walking the talk

It is safe to say the Indian renewable energy sector is the second most attractive renewable energy market in the world. It is expected twenty years from now by the year 2040, around 54 per cent of the total electricity will be generated by the renewable energy.

Mr. Sanjith Sadanand Shetty

Flexibility in Generation & Scheduling of thermal power stations to reduce emissions

The concept of flexible utilization of coal as introduced by the Central Government in year 2016, allows the use of coal within its basket in optimal manner. This avoids unnecessary coal transportation and reducing the power generation cost. In a similar manner, it is has been decided that there should be some flexibility in Generation and Scheduling of thermal power stations so that Discoms are able to meet their RPO without facing any additional financial burden.

Energetica India

The Global Off-Grid Solar Market

In 2017, the global off-grid solar (OGS) sector is providing improved electricity access to estimated 73 million households, or over 360 million people, thus transforming lives that were previously relianton kerosene and solid fuels for most of their lighting needs.

Report from the World Bank through its Lighting Global Program

Energetica India

“India has one of the fastest growing energy markets and we will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Electricity will play a larger role in the future energy chain in India as we will move towards more self-reliance and lower carbonization”

“Transformation of Utilities”, World Utility Summit, Elecrama 2018

Renewable Energy Investments in 2017

The Indian numbers show investment oscillating in the $6-14 billion range since 2010 – still not reaching the sort of levels that would be required for that country to meet Prime Minister NarendraModi’s ambitious goals for 2022.

Report from The Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Centre And Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Investment Trends

Total Corporate Funding In The Solar Sector Comes To $2 Billion In Q1 2018. Battery Storage companies secured $714 million; Smart Grid companies brought in $422 million; and Energy Efficiency companies received $384 million.

Mercom Report

Cheap Renewables

As renewable capacity increases, economies of scale kick in and prices fall further, compounded by technological improvements, availability of cheaper financing, and ambitious targets by governments with clear energy policies. Records tumble, one after the other. Last year, for instance, saw record low solar costs broken not once, but four times and over a short period of time, raising questions as to whether it is realistic to expect this remarkable trend to continue.

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA).

Offshore Wind – A Decade Away for Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have been identified as the two key coastal markets with the best offshore wind resources. A prerequisite for offshore wind is the need to build a whole new supply chain and infrastructure system.

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA)
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