India’s Energy Storage Market

Advanced energy storage technologies can play an important role in renewable integration, energy access, electric mobility and the smart cities initiatives of the Indian government. We are at a critical stage for building a manufacturing ecosystem for advanced energy storage technologies in India. While, around the globe, over 200 GWh of advanced energy storage manufacturing capacity is already built and another 200 GWh of new capacity will be built within the next three to five years.

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)

How Tech is Making Thermal Power Generation More Sustainable in The Changing Energy Landscape

With the latest sophisticated primary NOx reduction technology, including burner modification and over firing system (OFA), the desired NOx emission levels given by Indian regulation can also be met at a local power plant in India. Though implementing the Primary Low-NOx solution for one boiler takes months as resources to implement the modifications are limited, it is a cost-efficient option that can help coal-fired thermal power plants be ready on time

Sanjay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Fortum India Pvt. Ltd

India Must Focus on Domestic Manufacturers to Meet the Ambitious 175 GW of Clean Energy Target by 2022

According to the Climate scope report, renewable energy accounted for 71 GW of India's installed generating capacity in June 2018. This is a substantial increase from existing capacities of 3.5 GW, 23 GW, 4.4 GW, and 4.2 GW, respectively (MNRE, November 2015). As the solar spread increases, the government plans to set up a proper framework to boost domestic manufacturing for the sector.

Nishant Arya, Executive Director, JBM Group

India’s Solar Sector

It will be also interesting to see if the government will do away with reverse bidding and adopt FiT. Solar has already reached grid parity and there is no real need to further reduce the tariff and put more cost pressures on the value chain. Stability in tariffs can mitigate the impact of expected volatility in price, increase investor’s confidence, and ensure the participation of serious long-term players.

Rajaram Pai, Business Leader – South Asia, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

Smart Cities: An Engine of Urban Economic Growth

It is efficient power supply which forms the backbone of any Smart City because it is a prerequisite to all the processes involving these “Cities of the Future”. The efficient flow of electricity, in turn, depends on a robust and efficient transmission network, to which smart grid applications hold the key

Simarpreet Singh, Founder-Director, Hartek Solar Pvt Ltd

Shouldn't we conserve while using renewable sources of energy?

While preparing for one of the competitive exams related to Energy Conservation & Efficiency, I came across a multiple choice question which surprised me. The question said, ‘Which of the following is a renewable source of energy? a) bitumen, b) wood, c) nuclear fuels, d) lignite’.

It was obvious that out of the given options, wood was the answer that would fetch me 1 mark. But, it made me to think that if we consider wood as a renewable source of energy, then so is crude oil & coal.

Vishal Agarwal

Is Renewable Energy Completely Clean?

Where does the energy required to produce and install renewable energy equipments come from? Is renewable energy completely clean?

Vishal Agarwal


Solar Lighting for People at Bottom of Pyramid


Energy Parks - why Governments are playing serious?

The concept of an Energy Park is gaining momentum across the globe. Especially so at places where huge industrial sites (or nuclear weapons sites) which were once buzzing centers of production, have now been deserted thanks to unsustainable pollution levels. Governments are trying to convert such manufacturing hubs into model green sites.

Rasika Gokhale Athawale

Tidal Power & Its Development

A summary about Tidal Energy, Worldwide development of Tidal Power and development of Tidal Power in India

Mrunal Pandit
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