Near-Future Trends in the Energy Sector

Whilst many industries have deployed AI and ML applications to solve existing traditional problems. It is the forward-looking possibilities that are more interesting and imperative for the energy domain. This has already given rise to new solutions, which are in turn steering the development of the sector. Such as insight generation, infrastructure planning, and automated decision making

Sanand Sule, Co-Founder and CTO, Climate Connect

Joule Solar Case Study

While this project is relatively small in size compared to many of today’s solar farms, it represented a big accomplishment for the team. A fresh perspective was applied to the overall EPC process focusing on design and installation efficiencies and produced a showcase system that serves as the standard for the current and future work.”—Corey Shalanski, Joule Energy

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Magenta Power sets up India’s first solar based charging station for Electric Vehicles

The Government undoubtedly has been encouraging the move towards Electric Vehicles and the shift shall be more evident by 2030, understanding which Magenta already has begun its plan to build the seamless network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, enabling easier adoption among the audience with proximity and making them future ready.

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Importance of Materials in PV Modules: Recommended Best Practices to Select PV Modules

DuPont has been engaged in an extensive field survey program for more than 5 years to help gain an in- depth understanding of what makes a reliable and durable PV module. The studies have found that many materials used in PV modules demonstrate signs of visual changes in less than 2 years of operation and resulted in power loss, safety risk or both.

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

IEX celebrates first successful decade of operations

Presently, the exchange has 6000+ participants registered across electricity, REC and ESCert segments comprising distribution utilities, generators, large consumers and several renewable energy generators.

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Solar Radiation Measurements: Why Accuracy Matters

Dr. Jaya Singh discusses the importance if solar radiation measurements in India’s growing
solar market and also brings forward a case study from India.

Dr. Jaya Singh, Director, BKC Weathersys Pvt. Ltd.

Two-shaft Turbine Feed Pumps For Nuclear Power Station and Thermal Power Station

It is still remembered pictures of the disaster at Fukushima-1Nuclear Power Plant, when because of the earthquake and then tsunami on the station, electricity was aborted and the regular cooling systems are stopped on all three working electrical power units. In this situation it was necessary to resort to the cooling of the fuel slug with sea water, but the water level is falling at its uninterrupted supply to the cooling system. Water cooling is not produced proper results due to destruction o

Sokolov E.V.

Shouldn't we conserve while using renewable sources of energy?

While preparing for one of the competitive exams related to Energy Conservation & Efficiency, I came across a multiple choice question which surprised me. The question said, ‘Which of the following is a renewable source of energy? a) bitumen, b) wood, c) nuclear fuels, d) lignite’.

It was obvious that out of the given options, wood was the answer that would fetch me 1 mark. But, it made me to think that if we consider wood as a renewable source of energy, then so is crude oil & coal.

Vishal Agarwal

Is Renewable Energy Completely Clean?

Where does the energy required to produce and install renewable energy equipments come from? Is renewable energy completely clean?

Vishal Agarwal


Solar Lighting for People at Bottom of Pyramid


Energy Parks - why Governments are playing serious?

The concept of an Energy Park is gaining momentum across the globe. Especially so at places where huge industrial sites (or nuclear weapons sites) which were once buzzing centers of production, have now been deserted thanks to unsustainable pollution levels. Governments are trying to convert such manufacturing hubs into model green sites.

Rasika Gokhale Athawale

Tidal Power & Its Development

A summary about Tidal Energy, Worldwide development of Tidal Power and development of Tidal Power in India

Mrunal Pandit
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