Circulating Fluid Bed Scrubbing Technology: A Low-Cost Flexible Multi-Pollutant Technology for the Indian Power Market

For many plants in the Indian power market, the CFB scrubber is a compelling economic choice particularly for units rated at 600MW or less due to its lower installed cost, auxiliary power, and water usage. CFB scrubbers also offer a compact footprint and low maintenance while maintaining high reliability

TBD, Sumitomo SHI FW

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transition of Indian Power Sector

OEMs in the power sector need to utilize AI for their vital product developments to speed up the design prototyping process. They need to leverage Machine Learning to align the product with actual operational & flexibility requirements

Yeshraj Singh, Strategic Initiative Leader – Digital Transformation, QuEST Global

“We May Soon Say Goodbye to Monofacial”

As bifacial technology establishes itself in the market, module cost is likely to fall further to be competitive with monofacial. This will have a significant impact on financial models. Bifacial technology is no more a future vision, it is becoming the reality.

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd

How Much of Impact Would A 25% Weight Decrease On a Panel Be to The Industry?

The greatest performance benefits for bifacial technology are seen when it is deployed in tracking systems. For single-axis tracking system, 25% weight loss has been shown to provide superior alleviation over the tracking system, as this does not require special design or strengthened material

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd

Why Solis Inverters became the Preferred Choice of Airports PV Power Station at Home and Abroad.

Ginlong Solis inverters adopt Wider MPPT voltage range and Integrated AFCI modules to improve the conversion efficiency of inverter and ensures more power generation of the system. Long - term adhere to cooperate with Best-in-Class Partners for selection of internationally renowned brand components to ensure inverters reliable and stable

Team Solis

Power Transmission Congestion Management: Overview

Rahul Sharma discusses the State’s response to nation-wide grid failure in 2012: Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) recommended several measures aimed at ensuring grid discipline by states electricity board, thereby ensuring grid stability.

Rahul Sharma

Urgent Need for Energy Efficient Distribution System in India

Ashok Kaushik discusses the urgent need for better distribution system in India. The electricity demand in the country is growing every day making it important to introduce high reliability of the distribution network.

Mr Ashok Kaushik MD, Ensto India Pvt Ltd

Significance of Standards & Certifications in the Energy Sector

Avijit Choudhury uses this article to highlight the significance of standards in an environment of
growing awareness of energy audits in India.

Mr. Avijit Choudhury Associate General Manager & Business Head Energy, UL DQS India.

Environmental & Social Clearances for Renewable Energy Projects in India

Any renewable energy project before establishing has to acquire various environmental and social clearances from different nodal agencies. The article gives a brief about such various nodal agencies and different permissions to be acquired.

Summarised by Manshi Pawar Energetica India

The Future of Solar Inverters

With a crash in the inverter market in stronger economies of Europe, the manufacturers are now shifting their attention to Asia and the US. The inverter demand in India has increased due to power shortages, and a strong push from the government through national solar mission. Now, the some state governments and bodies coming forth to install solar inverters for more reliable backups. This does look promising.

Sharada Balasubramanian, Energetica India

Modified Multifunctional Device (MMD) to Improve the Performance of Fixed Dome Biogas Plant (FDBP) used in Municipal Solid Organic Waste (MSOW) Management

Biogas programme is recognized as one of the best available options to harness Municipal Solid Organic Waste to useful energy and offers tremendous potential. For effective utilization and for improved performance of Fixed Dome Biogas Plant, the use of Modified Multifunctional Device is essential.

Dr. Subramanya K Bhat, Bangalore, India.

Re-powering of Old Wind Turbines in India

The article looks at the potential of repowering of wind turbines in India

Vishal Agarwal, Energetica India

Controlling Lubricant Contamination

Shankar Karnik from ExxonMobil Lubricants describes steps that maintenance
professionals can take to help prevent water and air from contaminating lubricants and
impacting equipment performance.

Shankar Karnik, Asia Pacific Mobil SHC Brand Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd

India Grid: Key Challenges & Technology Drivers

The article highlights the major grid challenges in India and the way ahead for India.

Arvind Tiwari, Manager, Transmission & Distribution System Laborat ory, GE Global Research

Coal and Biomass Co-firing Prospects in India

The writers discuss the prospect of coal and biomass co-firing in India highlighting the
challenges in each space [coal, biomass], the advantage of co-firing and the technology
options for this concept.

Renu Kumar Rathnam, Janne Kärki*, Matti Nieminen, Arvo Leinonen, Priyank Jain and T.N. Raju
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