Indian Renewable Energy Sector and COVID-19: An Overview and Road Ahead

The government’s response in COVID-19 situation to address the issues related to supply chain disruptions, RE curtailment, and cash-flow crunches has been timely. However, the current situation should also be viewed as an opportunity for course correction to bring about structural changes involving financing, manufacturing, and contract enforcement in the RE sector. Going forward, this will pave the way for a smoother and more effective energy transition

Gandhar Ukidve, Research Analyst, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

The Lessons of COVID-19 for the Indian Power Sector

To bring the power sector back on track, utility leaders need to consider the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and introduce measures that increase resilience in power systems. These should, in turn, optimize performance, improve employee safety, increase customer satisfaction and maximize revenue and profit

Harsha Anand, Chief Evangelist, Enzen Group

The Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Solar Industry

Projects which are to be commissioned by June will be particularly affected. Rating agency CRISIL has estimated that about 3-GW solar projects worth Rs 16,000 crore will bear the brunt of coronavirus. Since most of these projects are connected with the interstate transmission system, any inordinate delay in their commissioning may invite transmission/point of connection charges from the Power Grid Corporation of India under Long Term Open Access rules

Energetica India

Mapping the Road to Recovery for the Industrial and Energy Markets Amid COVID-19

The viral spread has driven key shifts: Factories have shut down, corporations are stepping up to help build ventilators, generative manufacturing is helping in innovative ways (printing ventilator valves), technology is helping with remote work, telehealth is poised to emerge as a preferred medium for non-COVID health issue resolution and many more shifts are on the horizon

Muthuraman Ramasamy, Industry Director, Industrial Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Taiwan PV Industry Pursues Transition with the Development of Clean Power Generation Market

On April 12, 2019, the revised Renewable Energy Development Act approved by Taiwan authorities set the goal of over 20GW renewables by 2025. It aims to increase the proportion of renewable energy by 20% from the present 5% by including the policy to free Taiwan from nuclear energy by 2025

Energetica India

Overhaul India’s Transmission Grid

Along with the augmentation of sustainable power generation sources, a well-designed and a futuristic transmission grid is required to drive India’s economic growth and transformation

Amogh Nawathe - CEO, T&D Business, Sterling and Wilson Pvt Ltd

Intelligent Lighting: The Key to Developing Smarter Cities

Lightning the dark is the main task of street lighting. However, intelligent street lamps can fulfill many more functions like notifications on the violation of traffic regulations and automatic penalty with the help of car numbers for littering

Gautam Seth, Joint-Managing Director, HPL Electric & Power Ltd

Solar Solutions to Redefine Energy Management in Homes and Rural Communities

To address the growing energy needs and to reduce carbon emission, the Indian government has reimagined the national energy supply and demand management with a higher focus on solar. This is evident in the recent Union budget; several incentives offered to farmers and changes in the energy policy framework. The government has set a goal to reduce its current dependency on fossil fuel by 40%, which highlights the commitments made in solar energy as a source in the long-term

Rangarajan Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, Water Utility Export, Grundfos Life Link & Solar, Grundfos India

How Certification Could Stimulate India’s Wind Energy Industry

Transparency, alignment with international standards and a focus on the project as well as type certification could encourage international investment and make it easier for Indian manufacturers to succeed in foreign markets

Per Enggaard Haahr, Regional Manager APAC, DNV GL

Growth Expected for Wind Power Sector in India despite Hurdles

Wind power is crucial to India’s target of achieving 175GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022, and 60 GW of planned targets for wind power contribution is vital to achieving the overall goal. The government in the current context has to take bold steps to reinvigorate the sector

Supreeth Srinivasa Rao, Associate Director, Industrial Practice, Frost & Sullivan

India’s Renewable Energy Goals through Technology led Energy Markets

Going forward, we foresee propagation of a distributed ecosystem of renewable energy where the transmission would occur through microgrids and trading would be through peer to peer platforms. This may lead to a complete transformation of the way we produce and consume energy

Shruti Bhatia, Head-Corporate Communications and CSR, Indian Energy Exchange

Zonstreet++CCTV- A Must-Have Technology Solution for Every Real Estate Owner

Imagine a world where there is no dependence on cables and on-grid power while providing security anytime anywhere. Intelizon’s game-changing solution ZONSTREET CCTV has created such a possibility and has impacted over 2.6 million+
lives, saved over 24milion+ units of electricity and 17000+ metric tons of CO2 emission reductions. Can there be a better solution for smart cities globally.

Intelizon Energy Private Limited

The Green Building Industry is poised to tackle Climate Change through storytelling

Going into this next decade, there’s a real opportunity for the green building industry to make a positive impact in fighting climate change, though not only commercial adoption but residential and consumer demand

Mili Majumdar, Managing Director of Green Business Certification Institute Pvt Ltd, India and Senior Vice President, USGBC

Utilities Jumping on the Blockchain Train

Block-chain technology provides intriguing possibilities on both sides of the dual innovation imperative: overall it provides faster processes, real-time transaction visibility, and reduced costs for digital transactions, which support the optimization of efficiency across the core value chain; and it also offers distinct opportunities for innovating around new processes and services for the future, such as a transactional energy market

Francois Vazille - Vice President-JAPAC & EMEA, Utilities Industry, Oracle

Investing in Blockchain Can Yield Handsome Returns for The Renewable Energy Sector

Blockchain-based renewable energy mini and microgrids can help consumers and communities manage their energy supply, according to their needs. These mini and micro grids can give the consumers total control on sourcing their energy and increase transparency, through information sharing

Manoj Gupta, Vice President-Solar, Fortum
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