USAID, MNRE Join Forces to Enhance Clean Energy Development

To maximize the impact of this partnership, the SAGE consortium in discussion with MNRE and its technical institutions, the National Institute of Wind Energy and the National Institute of Biomass Energy has identified several key topics

Policies & Regulations | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

Viability of 2.36/Kwh Bid Tariff to Depend on PV Module Prices & Pass Through of Duty: ICRA

The safeguard duty imposed on imported modules, currently at 15% is about to expire in July 2020 and the Government of India is likely to impose basic customs duty (BCD) from August 1, 2020, onwards

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

Rising Global Interest in Indian Solar Sector Led to Competitive Bidding: CRISIL Report

"A big reason for lowering of tariff compared with even ISTS VIII was the timing of the auctions, which offered a window of opportunity before any additional taxation (in the form of safeguard duty and/or basic customs duty) set in. Without the current duty of 15 percent, keeping module prices stable, capital costs would be lower by 5-7 percent"

Business | 06/07/2020 | By Moulin

India Accomplishes Remarkable Low Solar Tariff of Rs 2.36 Per KWh for 2-GW ISTS Tender

The key reason behind such low tariffs was zero safeguard duty for developers, access to low-cost financing, and a pass-through from basic customs duty under ‘change in law’ provision in this precise period, which is expected to considerably reduce project costs, it added

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 01/07/2020 | By Moulin

Investments Worth $1 Trillion Required by 2030 for Power Sector Transition to Decarbonization

The COVID-19 pandemic will reduce investment levels in the short term, but the market will recover. Throughout the decade, $846 billion will be invested in DER, supported by a further $285 billion that will be invested in battery storage

Business | 29/06/2020 | By Moulin

Praj Industries Limited Strides into The Next Frontier of Bio-Economy

On the back of a formidable track record of its Bio-MobilityTM platform for renewable transportation fuel globally, Praj is now making inroads into the RCM industry through its newly launched Bio-Prism portfolio

Business | 09/07/2020 | By Moulin

BP Set to Capitalize $70 Million in India’s Green Growth Equity Fund

“Our investment in GGEF is aligned with our strategy of investing in integrated low carbon energy using innovative partnerships and business models...,” said Dev Sanyal, vice-president for gas and low carbon energy, BP Group

Business | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

EU Set to Scale Up Renewable Hydrogen Projects, Push for Energy Efficiency

The EU's priority is to develop "green" hydrogen and largely deploy it for sectors hard to decarbonize or where electrification is difficult or impossible from 2030 to 2050. But it recognized the need for a phased, gradual approach where a halfway house of "blue hydrogen" will play a role

Business | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

ALEC Energy, Azelio Partners for Energy Storage in Middle East & Africa

The projects are focused to the Middle East and African markets, where Alec Energy aims to expand its business offering as a renewable energy project developer and system integrator

Energy Storage | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

Japan Takes COVID-19 Opportunity to Undergo Green Shift & Reduce Carbon Emissions: GlobalData

During the COVID-19 pandemic, utilities turned their attention from coal-based generation to renewables. Japan is using the opportunity provided by the pandemic where the government over a decade plans to terminate about 90% of the nation’s 114 coal-fired power generation units which have poor performance and low-efficiency

Business | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

Fisker Inc. Completes $50 Million Private Financing Provided By Moore Strategic Ventures, LLC

The proceeds will be used to support the next phase of engineering work on the Fisker Ocean all-electric luxury SUV – due for launch in 2022. Cowen acted as the company’s sole advisor and placement agent on the financing

Business | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

Maruti Suzuki Offsets 3,000 MT of CO2 Emissions by Transporting Cars Via Rail Mode

The increased focus on using railways has helped the company offset nearly 3,000 MT of CO2 emissions. In addition, over 100 million litres of precious fossil fuel was saved, as the Company could avoid over 100,000 truck trips on the National Highways

Business | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

GE Gas Power Menasa Partnership Summit 2020 Strengthens Regional Supply Chain

The event brings together select GE suppliers every year to collectively identify the opportunities and address the challenges to engineering and delivering cleaner, more accessible energy that people depend on across MENASA and beyond

Business | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

Solar Sector to Reap Benefits as Solar Irradiance Improves Due to COVID-19 Lockdown: GlobalData

As per GlobalData, in 2019 solar PV generation was 46.7TWh, this represented about 3.0% of the total electricity generation mix. The availability of the pollution-free clear skies and increased solar irradiance is likely to improve the solar generation by about 25% this year

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 08/07/2020 | By Moulin

Sterlite Power Appoints Swaminathan Subramanian as Group Chief Human Resource Officer

Swaminathan Subramaniam, Group CHRO, Sterlite Power, added, “I am excited to join Sterlite Power, which has Social Impact underpinning its strategy, Innovation as a way of life and Talent as a key stakeholder shaping its journey. I look forward to working with the leadership team to deliver a meaningful employee experience.”

Business | 07/07/2020 | By Moulin

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