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A robust, low cost PV mounting platform, generating 25 to 40% more power per year.

Forbes is pleased to offer Morgan Solar's Savanna tracker in India and other markets. Savanna™ is a new approach to two-axis tracking – based on a simple, human-scale, ‘drop-in-place’ boxframe, eliminating much of the civil construction of project installation. Savanna™ can be rapidly installed using simple hand tools – no concrete, cranes, or other heavy equipment required. Each Savanna™ tracker can be set up manually by four installers in under 15 minutes.

Interconnection members between trackers fasten frames into a strong, wind-resistant array, and provide the architecture for cabling, reducing trenching needs.
The drop-in-place functionality of the Savanna™ tracker allows for uniquely cost-effective deployment opportunities, including capped or otherwise reclaimed land where ground penetration is not permitted, and remote areas where roads or other infrastructure aren't equipped to support heavy loads.

The patent-pending Savanna™ tracker’s design advancements enable low upfront equipment costs that are competitive with fixed racking on a cost per Wp basis; Savanna™ also costs much less to install, operate and maintain, resulting in significantly lower LCOEs and higher project returns.

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The Savanna™ Dual-Axis PV Tracker


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