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BASF has launched the RELEST® Wind RepKit in India for the first time, a high-performance system for repairing rotor blades in wind turbines. BASF solutions are designed to help the wind power industry and other renewable energy industries become more competitive with traditional power sources. The wear and tear on a rotor blade and on the paint applied to it is extreme. These have the potential to cause damage during the wind turbine’s life cycle that impairs performance. With RELEST® Wind RepKit, this damage can be repaired, boosting the turbine’s efficiency. Mr. Thilo Bischoff, Vice President Business & Markets, BASF South Asia said, “Wind energy is a fast emerging sector globally, including India. The ever increasing energy requirements of a growing population have to be met in a sustainable manner. This opens a plethora of opportunities for wind energy value-chain operators. Chemistry will be the enabler for the wind energy industry, and BASF now offers a broad range of solutions, which are customized to suit specific needs from base to blades in wind turbines.” The RELEST® Wind RepKit system is designed for stationary use on the ground or on the turbine itself. It is simple, fast to use and comprises all products and tools required for repairs plus extensive application training. RELEST® Wind RepKit has proven its effectiveness in Germany’s world-scale wind industry since its introduction there in 2012. Germany had more than 23,000 wind turbines as of the end of 2012. BASF also offers a range of solutions that help wind turbines shorten construction times, improve durability, and operate more efficiently. These are used in rotor blades, construction of towers & foundations, gearboxes and for repairs. The range of the high performance products was previewed among a group of experts at a technical seminar held on the sidelines of the 7th Renewable Energy India 2013 Expo in Greater Noida, India. Solutions include: Solutions to increase durability in blades: Baxxodur® epoxy systems are used to produce highly resilient, fiber-reinforced rotor blades and helps reduce cycle time by 30%, hence saving energy consumption during production. Structural foams like Kerdyn® inside the rotor blades improve stability and durability. RELEST® Wind coating systems additionally protect the blades. Special grouting mortars, concrete additives & admixtures: BASF’s construction chemicals division manufactures and supplies special grouting mortars such as MasterFlow® 9300 & 9500, concrete additives and admixtures for durable foundations and high turbine towers. These enable strong connections at viral structural points, offer ease of processing and ensure fast, secure and cost-efficient installation in adverse weather conditions. Lubricants for wind turbine gearboxes: BASF offers top-tier next-generation lubricants (gear oils) for wind turbines. Formulated lubricants of the Emgard® brand offer outstanding protection against micropitting, while the Hydraulic fluids of the ProEco® brand support extended useful lives. Mr. Rajeev Sharma, Head - O&M, InoxWind. said, “As one of the world’s leading chemical company, BASF is truly a partner of choice. BASF’s teams of experts are more than willing to offer not only their knowledge but also the technical assistance that we need.”

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RELEST® Wind RepKit


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