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Raychem RPG R7500TL Solar Inverter is a grid tied central inverter suitable for multi-megawatt solar power plants. The solar inverter is in full compliance with the regulations on protection and grid connection (synonymous with safety). It can be use with any type of photo-voltaic panel. It also gives high conversion efficiency. The Raychem RPG R7500TL Solar Inverter has customizable turnkey solutions with integrated MV transformer. The supervision of the design and production processes of the solar inverter is in accordance with ISO 9001 standards (certainty of product robustness and reliability). The Advanced Modularity, which exists at inverter & component level, gives high redundancy and protection against energy lost. It also strengthens the product life. The electronic components of solar inverter functions at low temperature. The on/off switch has been module in a balanced way with complete electronic control, till the solar inverter reaches its maximum power. The simplicity of service facilitates high availability from independent power modules. The replacement of defective power module is easy without interrupting the functioning of the inverter with the help of semi skilled manpower. Due to solar inverter’s unique architecture, the energy yield from it is higher. Due to MPPT window, the power generation is high, leading to longer working time for the solar inverter. The auxiliary losses are low. Compared to other inverters, Raychem RPG R7500TL solar inverter operates for longer time in high efficiency zone.

About Raychem RPG

Raychem RPG (P) Ltd is a 50:50 Joint Venture between TE Connectivity, U.S.A. RPG Enterprises, India. Raychem RPG is involved in technologies strengthening the infrastructure segments under Energy Products, Transformer, Oil & Gas & International (exports)


R7500TL Solar Inverter


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