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The further PV feed-in tariffs decrease, the more important it is for architects, engineers and PV system installers to convince their customers that self-consumption also contributes to the profitability of solar electric systems. With Valentin Software’s new dynamic simulation program PV*SOL® advanced, self-consumption can now be calculated even more precisely, as the software not only designs photovoltaic power plants, it also simulates the storage of electricity in battery systems. Unlike its forerunner, PV*SOL® Pro, the new program PV*SOL® advanced can now import load profiles measured in 15 minute and even 1 minute steps.The software also includes a new circuit diagram which shows the PV system with standardized circuit symbols. This is useful, for example, for registration with energy providers. With PV*SOL® advanced, as many module arrays can be employed as desired and several inverters can be selected, which can be combined with each other as needed. In a matter of seconds, the program automatically configures the inverters, providing all of the useful combinations for a solar plant with up to 100,000 modules. To deliver genuine results, the program calculates both the string cable losses as well as the AC and DC cable losses per inverter. ”With PV*SOL® advanced, planners, architects and installers can show their customers directly what makes sense financially and in terms of energy use in spite of sinking feed-in tariffs”, explains the Managing Director of the Berlin-based software company, Gerhard Valentin. As with all PV*SOL versions, PV*SOL® advanced also has a comprehensive module and inverter database with over 12,000 modules and around 2,700 inverters. The design tool can be downloaded as a free trial version from Valentin Software’s website

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Valentin Software looks back at 25 years of company history. Thanks to its brands PV*SOL®, T*SOL®, and GeoT*SOL® for dynamic simulation, dimensioning, yield and profitability forecasts of photovoltaic, solar thermal and heat pump plants.


PV*SOL® advanced 6.0


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