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November_December 2017 2017

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Product Profile > DragonBack measurement method

The new high efficiency solar cell technologies, including the innovative heterojunction cells from Meyer Burger Technology require new performance measurement methods. Until now, the performance of high efficiency cells was measured in production using continuous light sources which significantly increased the cost of cell production. The PV industry required a technologically advanced and cost effective solution for accurately determining the electrical performance of the new generation of modules in production environments. Pasan's unique DragonBackapproach optimises the measurement process in proven high accuracy solar simulators.

The ground-breaking DragonBack� technology, developed by Pasan in cooperation with the SUPSI-ISAAC- Swiss PV Module Test Centre, is a completely new measurement method which combines extremely precise and repeatable measurements with the throughput required in production to measure the performance of high efficiency and high capacity cells such as those produced using heterojunction technology. The DragonBack� measurement method exceeds industry requirements of maximum measurement reliability, low takt time, low TCO and ease-of-use. It is based on a dynamic sweep of the voltage ramp in a series of steps that enable the current voltage characteristics to be accurately determined using a pulse of 10 ms. The DragonBack� measurement method is available on Pasan�s new HighLIGHT solar simulator. Manufacturers using a Pasan SunSim platform can upgrade to the HighLIGHT with a simple upgrade of the electronic load.

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DragonBack measurement method


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