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Edited by Dr Keith Lovegrove, Head of Solar Thermal with the UK-based renewable energy consulting company, IT Power Group and Wes Stein, Manager of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s National Solar Energy Centre.

Contributions from: John Pye, Richard Meyer, Martin Schlecht, K Chhatbar, Natalia Caldes, Yolanda Lechon, David Mills, Eduardo Zarza Moya, Lorin Vant-Hull, Wolfgang Schiel, Thomas Keck, Steve Horne, Wolf Steinman, HG Jin, Hui Hong, Rosiel Millan, Jacques de Lalaing, E Bautista, M Rojas, F Gorlich, Stephen Smith, Werner Platzer, C Hildebrandt, Gabriel Morin, James Blackmon, Jesus Ballestrin, Greg Burgess, Jeff Cumpston, Andreas Haberle, Athanasious Konstandopoulos, Chrysa Pagkoura and Souzana Lorentzou.

Concentrating solar power (CSP) technology is poised to take its place as one of the major contributors to the future clean energy mix. Using straightforward manufacturing processes, CSP technology capitalises on conventional power generation cycles, whilst cost effectively matching supply and demand though the integration of thermal energy storage. Concentrating solar power technology provides a comprehensive review of this exciting technology, from the fundamental science to systems design, development and applications.
Part one introduces fundamental principles of concentrating solar power systems. Site selection and feasibility analysis are discussed, alongside socio-economic and environmental assessments. Part two focuses on technologies including linear Fresnel reflector technology, parabolic-trough, central tower and parabolic dish concentrating solar power systems, and concentrating photovoltaic systems. Thermal energy storage, hybridization with fossil fuel power plants and the long-term market potential of CSP technology are also explored. Part three goes on to discuss optimisation, improvements and applications. Topics discussed include absorber materials for solar thermal receivers, design optimisation through integrated techno-economic modelling, heliostat size optimisation, heat flux and temperature measurement technologies, concentrating solar heating and cooling for industrial processes, and solar fuels and industrial solar chemistry.

Part 1 Introduction: Introduction to concentrating solar power technology; Fundamental principles of concentrating solar power systems; Solar resources for concentrating solar power systems; Site selection and feasibility analysis for concentrating solar power systems; Socio-economic and environmental assessment of concentrating solar power systems. Part 2 Technology approaches and potential: Linear Fresnel reflector technology; Parabolic-trough concentrating solar power systems; Central tower concentrating solar power systems; Parabolic dish concentrating solar power systems; Concentrating photovoltaic systems and applications; Thermal energy storage systems for concentrating solar power plants; Hybridization of concentrating solar power with fossil fuel power plants; Integrating a Fresnel solar boiler into an existing coal-fired power plant: A case study; The long-term market potential of concentrating solar power systems. Part 3 Optimisation, improvements and applications: Absorber materials for solar thermal receivers in concentrating solar power systems; Optimisation of concentrating solar power plant designs through integrated techno-economic modeling; Heliostat size optimisation for central receiver solar power plants; Heat flux and temperature measurement technologies for concentrating solar power; Concentrating solar technologies for industrial process heat and cooling; Solar fuels and industrial solar chemistry.

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"Concentrating Solar Power Technology: Principles Developments and Applications" edited by K Lovegrove, IT Power Group, UK and W Stein, CSIRO Energy Centre, Australia.


Book: Concentrating solar power technology


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