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The largest solar tracker on the market: up to 114.4 kWp

With a single controller and motor.
Modular and scalable, it comes in units of up to 2.6 kWp and 44 units.

MS-1EP Polar Tracker
This tracker designed by Mecasolar is a single-axis, polar aligned tracker made of modules that can be easily installed.
The tracker consists of a series of tilted axes on a north-south line on which the PV panels rotate. All the axes are connected by means of a transmission bar moving an area of up to 7,855 square feet (730 sq m, 114.4 kWp max.) with a single motor.
Sun tracking is astronomically controlled. Backtracking can be used as well, which allows higher energy production and increased PR in the installation.

About Mecca Solar

MECASOLAR is a company devoted to the design, manufacture and distribution of 2-axis trackers, 1-axis azimuth Seasonal trackers, and fixed structures and the MECASCREW universal foundation screw using the latest technology


1 Axis Polar Tracker


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