Tata Power Inaugurates South Asia’s Largest Grid-Scale Energy Storage System in India

The 10 Megawatt MW grid-connected system, owned by AES and Mitsubishi Corporation will pave the path for wider adoption of grid-scale energy storage technology across India. Fluence, a market-leading supplier of energy storage technology jointly owned by Siemens and AES, supplied its state of the art Advancion Technology for the project

Energy Storage | 13/02/2019 | By Moulin

Government has Released around Rs 3,584 Crore for RE Schemes in FY 2018-19: R K Singh

A total of 74.79 GW of renewable energy capacity had been installed in the country at the end of December 2018 counting 25.21 GW from solar, 35.14 GW from wind, 9.92 GW from biomass, and 4.52 GW from small hydropower

Policies & Regulations | 13/02/2019 | By Moulin

Under VGF Program, PSM for Solar Projects Receives Fund worth Rs. 5 Billion

The guiding principles for the PSM are expected to generate a definite level of comfort for the developers. However, the application of the mechanism seems broad and the amount devoted to secure payments does not seem adequate for the volume of projects it is supposed to back in case of payment defaults

Policies & Regulations | 13/02/2019 | By Moulin

STMicroelectronics STPW12: Electronic Power Breaker for 12 V bus Keeps Home Appliances in Check

The teams also made the component smart by integrating an auto-retry feature, which means that even if a cost-effective system doesn’t have a microcontroller, our feature-rich power breaker can help designers take advantage of this feature

Business | 08/02/2019 | By Moulin

SolarMaxx Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence in India

SolarMaxx is proud to be amongst the leading pioneers in its field with the largest market share and happy customers base in its regional markets

Business | 06/02/2019 | By Moulin

India a $50 billion Market for Energy Storage: Andres Gluski, CEO, AES Corp

Gluski was in India to commence country’s first utility-scale battery storage system, which has been installed to support the grid in New Delhi. The 10 MW system, at Tata Power Delhi Distribution’s Rohini substation, was built by AES with Mitsubishi for almost $9 million

Energy Storage | 15/02/2019 | By Moulin

SECI Grants 840 MW of its 1200 MW Hybrid Tender

Two bidders, SBE Renewable Ten Private Limited and Mahoba Solar Private Limited were awarded a total 840 MW capacity of the tender after submitting bids worth 1050 MW

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 15/02/2019 | By Moulin

UPNEDA Releases Tender for setting up Solar PV plant worth 5 kW at Government Inter Colleges

The concise extent of work for selected bidders will include the supply, installation (including wiring up to critical electrical loads) and commissioning with 5 years of comprehensive maintenance

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 15/02/2019 | By Moulin

Arvind Installs India’s Largest Single Location Rooftop Solar System

This project at Santej is comprised of over 46,000 solar modules and over 180 inverters. More than 20,000 man-days were spent in installing this landmark and over 40,000 square meters of old roofs were replaced to make way for this plant

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 15/02/2019 | By Moulin

India & Germany Agree to Offer Financial Support to Climate Conservation Projects

Both India and Germany are in the course of outlining a Comprehensive Climate Change Act, laying down targets of emission reduction for all germane sectors of the Indian economy

Business | 15/02/2019 | By Moulin

Germany Returns to Policy Favoring GW-Scale Solar Parks

Additional public invitation to tender seeking solar power plants with an output of four gigawatts by 2021 / Over 3 billion euros in new business expected / Intersolar Europe and the German Solar Association (BSW-Solar) host a free English-language webinar to discuss market entry in Germany

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 15/02/2019 | By Moulin

Government Aims to Provide Electricity Access to All Individuals in The Country: R K Singh

Talking about the issues like dearth of financing available in this sector, RK Singh suggested “measures like pre-payment for consumption of electricity from both discoms and end consumers, privatizing distribution companies to make the process more market oriented”

Policies & Regulations | 13/02/2019 | By Moulin

Solar power cost will reduce to Rs 1.9 per unit in India by 2030, says TERI Study

The study estimate that by 2030 solar electricity could be as cheap as Rs 2.30/kWh and even cheaper solar costs are possible, in the order of Rs 1.90/kWh, if the widespread deployment of tracking technology raises the capacity utilisation factor of new plants above current levels

Policies & Regulations | 13/02/2019 | By Moulin

Smart Power India Launches its Report on "Rural Electrification In India"

The report findings are based on primary data collected from over 10,000 households and 2,000 rural micro-enterprises across four Indian states: Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Rajasthan

Other Energy Applications / Rural Electrification | 13/02/2019 | By Moulin

11 EU Countries at the fore of their 2020 RE Targets, says Eurostat Report

The report supposed Sweden had the uppermost share of renewable energy consumption, with more than half its energy coming from renewable sources in 2017. Luxembourg had the lowest proportion, with renewables accounting for just 6.4% of energy use

Policies & Regulations | 13/02/2019 | By Moulin

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