Water Park at Shirdi is Solar Powered.

Sunshot has installed 452 kWp solar power plant at 'Wet n Joy' water park at Shirdi. The system consist of 1,414 panels. Of these, 178 panels are mounted in a circular fashion on the building at the entrance of the park.

The challenge here was to install solar panels at different orientation and azimuth. High output power inverters with 2 MPPTs are used. 

The entire plant is monitored through Sunshot's cloud based online monitoring system. Our proprietary controller systems help to synchronise solar with DG and MSEDCL and works on real time basis. The alerts and notification system helps us to do data driven predictive operation and maintenance. This keeps the plant downtime to the minimum and generation the maximum.

The system is installed under the net metering scheme. In this, the excess power that is generated is exported to the grid and used during night time.

The plant generates about 1700 units of electricity on a bright sunny day. Annually it will generate about 6.3 lakh units of electricity. This is helping in replacing about 60% of the plant's total power consumption to green power. This will also help in reducing about 520 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The reduction in CO2 emissions is equal to reducing smoke emitted from about 400 small cars in a year and planting about 85 thousand mango trees.

Solar PV | News published on 07/08/2017 by Rashmi

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