UP declares RfP for 300 MW

A Request for Proposal (RfP ) has been declred by the The Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency, (UPNEDA). The RfP is for allotment of 300 MW of Solar PV Power proejcts. This step is taken under the state’s Solar Power Policy 2013.

This proposal is for the direct sale of power to UPPCL. UPNEDA on behalf of UPPCL, will select solar power producer for setting up of minimum 5 MW capacity Solar PV Power Plants (total capacity 300MW) and with the maximum capacity of the Project of up to 100 MW. The plant capacity has to remain in multiples of 5 MW.The responsibility of the Successful Bidder is to supply power to the Procurer for 12 years as per the terms and conditions of the PPA and the tenure of the PPA can be extended for further 13 years. The Projects developed on conventional solar PV technology should have a minimum CUF of 15%.

The cost of the transmission line up to the "feed in substation" viz the point of interconnection where the metering is to be borne by the Solar Project Developer. This transmission line has to be constructed by the STU or Discom, whoever owns the feed in substation. However, the entire cost of transmission including cost of construction of line, wheeling charges, losses etc. as per applicable Regulations of the commission will be borne by the Project Developer and will not be met by the STU/Discom.

Networth by the bidder should be equal to or greater than the value calculated at the rate of Rs. 2.50 Crore per MW of capacity offered in its Bid  and the bidder should have acquired sufficient experience and capacity in building infrastructure projects. 

Each Bidder has to submit the Bid accompanied for an amount of Rs. 20 Lakh per MW of the offered capacity issued by any of the Banks as mentioned by NEDA. The Bid Bond will be valid for a period of 90 days beyond the validity of the Bid.

Within 15 days of issue of Letter of Intent, the Successful Bidder either on his/their own behalf or on behalf of the Seller, has to provide the Performance Guarantee  for an amount of Rs. 75 Lakh per MW of the Contracted Capacity, which will be provided to UPNEDA / Procurer for the amount calculated pro-rata (and rounded off to the nearest one lakh with the principle that amounts below Rs. 50,000/- will be rounded down and amounts of Rs. 50,000/- and above shall be rounded up). The Performance Guarantee will be initially valid for a period of 8months after the Scheduled Delivery Date and thereafter will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the PPA.

Important Dates:

Sl. Event Schedule Date
1 Revision of RfP and RfP Documents (if required) and issuance of revised RfP and RfP Documents Zero date + 25 days 08-08-2014
2 Bid submission and opening of Non- Financial Bid Zero date + 56 days 08-09-2014
3 Financial Bid Opening Zero date + 67 days 19-09-2014
4 Approval of Bids and Issue of LoI to Successful Bidder(s) Zero date + 97 days 19-10-2014
5 Signing of PPA Zero date + 127 days (LoI Date + 30 days) Exact date will be communicated to successful bidders.
6 Completion of the following tasks:  
7 a. Land Allotment/ Land Purchase. PPA date + 120 days
8 b. Grant for Grid Connectivity. PPA date + 150 days
  c. Financial closure of the project. PPA date + 180 days
9 Commissioning of Solar PV Power Plant As mentioned in clause 2.28 of the attached document  


For further information, please refer to the attachment:

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Solar PV | News published on 07/08/2014 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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