TrinaBEST agrees to provide 1st shipment of 2MW/2MWh Energy Storage System to EU

TrinaBEST, a key global market Energy Storage System provider, announced today that it has signed an agreement to provide 1st shipment of 2MW/2MWh TrinaMega to EU. The project is mainly designed for Triad and Frequency Regulation due to the loss of inertia for the grid with the ramp up of renewable energy sources.

“The installation of PV module in EU has already exceeded 100GW at the end of 2016, and is expected to grow over 135GW till 2020. Renewable energy is contributing more significantly to the energy portfolio of energy generation in EU,” Said Frank Qi, General Manager of TrinaBEST. “This increasing renewable energy generation triggers an additional need for frequency regulation due to the loss of inertia of the grid. TrinaMega, the container battery storage system, not only can act as Power back up function, but is an ideal solution for frequency regulation and severe power fluctuations as well.”

With rich battery technology and system experiences, TrinaBEST provides turnkey solution to the project owner including the consultancy session, solution design, component survey, procurement, system integration, construction, on-site training, commissioning and the demonstration of performance. Due to extensive and comprehensive quality controls, TrinaMega has offered 10 years battery performance warranty and 5 years system warranty.

Energy Storage | News published on 14/12/2016 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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