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November_December 2017 2017

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TERI releases 10-point Emergency Response Plan for improving air quality in Delhi-NCR

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In the wake of the worsening air quality in Delhi NCR, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), has submitted a 10-point Emergency Response Plan to the Delhi government and the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC). TERI has recommended that this plan should be enforced immediately in whole of NCR on forecasted days of very high pollution in Delhi. The recommendations are based on TERI‟s modelling and technology development experience. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI, said, “Seven consecutive days of extremely hazardous air quality has taken a heavy toll on the health of Delhi‟s citizens. TERI is presenting a set of emergency response measures to save lives and protect the health of both the very young and older citizens. These need to be put in action every time we find ourselves in this extremely hazardous air quality situation. In addition, we also need to start taking steps to diffuse some of the causes which lead to such a situation.” Sumit Sharma, air quality expert at TERI, further added, „It is time that stringent measures are taken for control of emissions based on scientific assessments. Multisectoral regional scale plans are required for entire NCR and beyond for control of pollution in the city of Delhi”

Additionally, TERI has also released a 10-measure plan for medium- to-long term for air quality improvement in Delhi-NCR. Latest study released by TERI shows the following contributing sources of PM 2.5 in Delhi:

ï‚· In-Delhi sources- 35% (Transport (tail-pipe, road dust), construction, refuse burning)

ï‚· Rest of NCR- 25% (Domestic biomass burning for cooking, industries, transport, DG sets)

ï‚· Beyond NCR regions- 40% (Crop residue burning, domestic biomass burning, industries) Based on sectoral contributions and regional scale atmospheric transport of pollutants, TERI has suggested the following as the Emergency Response Plan for immediate relief to the residents from severely high air pollutant concentrations.

More can be read here http://www.teriin.org/files/TERI-emergency-plan-for-air-pollution.pdf 

Sustainable Building | News published on 07 / 11 / 2016 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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