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SMA has sold over 1 gigawatt of solar inverters in India

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SMA Solar Technology has just achieved 1 gigawatt of solar inverter sales in India. SMA opened its sales and service subsidiary in India in 2010 offering a full portfolio of inverters and communication products for photovoltaic installations of all sizes as well as innovative energy management systems.

“India is now the third market in APAC after Australia and Japan where SMA has sold over 1 gigawatt of solar inverters. The strong growth of the Indian photovoltaic market for SMA is mainly driven by the utility segment,” says John Susa, SMA Executive Vice President Sales Asia Pacific. “This is a growing but extremely competitive market with cut-throat pricing, and SMA has been able to differentiate by proving to our long-term Indian partners, leading developers and EPCs, that there are significant performance and financial benefits for adopting SMA inverters in their large-scale PV power plants”.

Numerous PV projects have been launched in India in recent years using SMA inverter technology. In addition to grid-tied PV plants of every size, the stand-alone and PV-diesel-hybrid solutions developed by SMA play an important role in providing electricity to remote areas without access to the power distribution grid as well as to industrial enterprises in areas with weak electricity supply. SMA has invested significant resources in building local presence in India where the Company is represented by a highly experienced local sales and service team providing product solutions tailored to the specific market requirements in India as well as the highest level of sales, service and technical support to key strategic customers.

Business | News published on 15 / 10 / 2015 by Gisela Bühl

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