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November_December 2017 2017

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Siemens EnergyIP smart grid applications run on the IoT operating system MindSphere

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The further development of Siemens’ EnergyIP smart grid applications marks another step forward in the digital transformation of the energy industry: In the future, more and more applications that today run on the EnergyIP smart grid application platform from Siemens will be integrated into MindSphere, the Siemens cloud-based open operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT). With this step, Siemens can provide energy suppliers with open and scalable digitalization applications for improved transparency in energy plants, data analytics, and optimized energy-related business processes. MindSphere for Energy reduces the cost for integrating new equipment and enables new and existing applications to be developed and installed using standardized interfaces on MindSphere. The platform and the applications are a part of the company’s cyber security strategy. These solutions are already being implemented in development and production in order to meet current and future data security requirements.

Numerous EnergyIP applications have been successfully used around the world for years. They include applications for meter data management and distributed energy management, energy efficiency applications for the energy sector and for industry, and various applications for data analysis, such as load prediction in the grid and tracing system losses. There are also EnergyIP applications for power outage management and for managing the equipment and systems in substations.

“Energy management applications that run reliably on EnergyIP will run just as reliably on MindSphere. This will create additional added value for our customers by enabling them to more easily combine grid status data with data in other applications fields, such as power generation, in industry and everywhere else that MindSphere is being used in the future,” said Thomas Zimmermann, CEO of the Digital Grid Business Unit in the Energy Management Division of Siemens. “The evolution of our energy systems is in full swing, and data is the new fuel for energy suppliers. Innovative IoT technologies are essential if our customers are to use the data to derive value for their businesses. We are developing the right applications for this, relying on standard protocols. This enables us to keep the platform flexible and at the same time open for developers from third parties across our own applications.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) will also play an increasing role for energy suppliers and network operators because as digitalization progresses, it will be necessary to install additional equipment like protection and automation devices in the grids. These devices must be efficiently installed, operated, and renewed. To operate them efficiently and at optimal performance over their lifecycle, and to create more value for the energy supplier using data analysis, sophisticated IoT technologies – like the EnergyIP applications under MindSphere – will be required. EnergyIP applications will continue to evolve for data acquisition and analysis and for managing and evaluating all energy-relevant data. The goal is to help energy suppliers and grid operators cope more readily with the digitalization process that is taking place throughout the energy industry.

At Siemens, the Energy Management Division brings together its extensive IoTportfolio of software and digital services under “MindSphere for Energy.” The portfolio combines the topics of MindSphere and energy. It is designed to enable power utilities and grid operators to benefit from the impact of the Internet of Things on the energy sector. Siemens thus offers an IoT portfolio with a unique depth, breadth, and openness. This special depth of offerings is based on the outstanding domain knowledge of Siemens in terms of the ability to connect all devices, systems, and installations in power grids to MindSphere. Yet it also represents a wide range of industry-specific applications from the established EnergyIP series, with 75 million licenses for smart meters sold worldwide. The special range of offerings include end-to-end solutions for sector coupling and cross-industry application fields such as intelligent e-mobility network solutions or the integration into factory automation. Last but not least, an open platform and an open partner ecosystem are available so that, for example, third parties can also develop MindSphere applications.


Smart Grid / T&D | News published on 06 / 10 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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