Shell Lubricants organises WIND Technology Forum

Shell Lubricants, the global market share leader in finished lubricants, held its Wind Technology Forum in New Delhi. The event was organised on the sidelines of Windergy India 2017 Exhibition and Conference, in partnership with Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA) and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Participants from wind companies including Suzlon, Gamesa, and INOX as well as prominent industry experts deliberated on specific industry trends, challenges, best practices, and future scenarios in the wind industry.

The forum's Inaugural address was delivered by Mr. DV Giri, Secretary General, IWTMA. Key topics discussed includedOperations and Maintenance Practices in Wind sector and Reliability Challenges, Nuances of Reducing Total Cost of Ownership, and Shell Lubricants' Technologically Advanced products and services for the Wind Sector. The event concluded with a panel discussion on 'Solutions to Extend Maintenance Intervals and Increase Reliability'.

The event highlighted the Indian wind energy sector's growth opportunities. The sector has ambitious targets, given government's Paris Climate Summit 2022 commitment to achieve 175 GW in renewable energy, of which the wind sector will contribute a sizeable 60 GW. These necessitate strategic collaborations and knowledge-sharing to tap India's natural assets, including its vast coastlines and geographical conditions. In FY17, the sector has witnessed a record installation of 5,400 MW, registering a YOY 60 per cent growth over 3,400 MW. The forum, held on the sidelines of Windergy 2017, seeks to identify opportunities to continue this legacy of immense growth.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Akhil Jha, Chief Technology Officer, Shell Lubricants India said, "According to a Kline report, the wind power sector, though small, has been one of the fastest growing sources of energy in India. India is primarily a market for geared wind turbines, which require gear oils along with hydraulic fluids and greases. For a typical 1.5 MW wind turbine, the main gear box requires approximately 300 litres. The oil must last for anywhere from three to ten years. Despite the small requirement of lubricants, wind energy is a key area, as sector penetration of synthetic lubricants is quite high. The power sector including wind, contributes to 23% of the total B2B lubricants demand of 1.5 billion litres. Through knowledge sharing at our technology forums, we have developed a deep understanding of the wind industry's product demands. We are aware of the pressing need to ensure enhanced protection of critical components to reduce replacement costs, extend turbine life, and improve operational efficiency. We hope to share this knowledge with our industry peers."

Mr. Neeraj Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants India said, "The Windergy India Exhibition and Conference is an ideal opportunity for all the stakeholders to come together and deliberate upon the wind industry's challenges and opportunities. At Shell Lubricants, we place immense value in such industry conferences that contribute to the discourse around energy efficiency, sustainable use of resources, and lowering the total cost of ownership. We are pleased to be a part of the Windergy India initiative and look forward to future collaborations as well. We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valuable partners - IWTMA and GWEC, for their continued support in making this forum a grand success. This event will surely help us strengthen our ties with customers, OEMs, industry experts and other key stakeholders in the power sector in India."


Mr DV Giri, Chief Guest Secretary General of IWTMA shared his thoughts on the occasion, "This forum, organised by Shell Lubricants, is an innovative knowledge exchange session. It brings together different companies to deliberate on technological developments, and their use in the industry. It helps disseminate knowledge in fields like lubricants that have significantly evolved in the last decade. The insights shared at the forum truly demonstrate the tangible and intangible benefits of lubricants are immense. The knowledge shared at this forum is a great value-addition, and the platform in itself is a laudable initiative."


Shell Lubricants' has a complete product portfolio for wind sector including synthetic gear oils for wind turbines such as Shell Omala S4GX and the next generation Shell Omala S5 Wind. The grease portfolio for wind consists of Shell Rhodina and next-generation greases which include Shell Gadus S5 V 460 KP 1.5 and Shell Gadus S5 V 110 KP) for main bearings, yaw and pitch bearings. Shell Tellus S2MX/VX are the hydraulic oils for the Wind Segment.  One of the key products in the portfolio is the next-generation synthetic turbine oil Shell Omala S5 Wind 320, designed to improve the turbine's lifespan and reduce maintenance costs, and is set to be introduced in India soon. It offers exceptional component protection and lubrication even under the most severe operating conditions.  It exceeds the performance targets of industry standards such as ISO 6743-6 Type CKD; ISO 12925-1 Type CKD; ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02; DIN 51517 Part 3 CLP; IEC 61400-4 CD IEC 2009; Annex E and GB 5903-2011, etc.

Wind Power | News published on 02/05/2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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