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September 2017

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Schneider Electric India affirms commitment to energy efficiency through research.

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Further reiterating its commitment to energy efficiency and access to clean energy, Schneider Electric India, today showcased a range of low-cost clean technologies which were on display at the catamaran as part of the Nomade des Mers (Nomad of the Seas) expedition. The expedition – which began in 2015 at Brittany (France) and will conclude in Indonesia – arrived at the Chennai port on April 11, 2017, after passing through Morocco, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, the Maldives and Sri Lanka. The Schneider Electric Foundation, under the aegis of Fondation de France, is a key patron of the expedition to aid research and promote low technologies (low tech).

The mission of the Nomade des Mers project, is to showcase useful, simple and accessible technologies that are also environmentally friendly: low technologies. The catamaran will spend three years travelling the globe testing independent technologies and developing the international low-tech stakeholder and user community. On board, low-tech devices will be put to the test, optimized and linked to others to assess synergies toward achieving a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Speaking about the expedition, Nadine Bouquin, Vice-President Offer Creation & Governance, Schneider Electric said, "Schneider Electric Foundation is delighted to act as main patron of this project and support the expedition which is very much aligned to our commitment towards promoting sustainable low cost technology and solutions for a greener future. We believe such iconic projects have a profound effect on people and are stepping stones to address the worldwide challenge of climate change."

The arrival of the ship at the Chennai port was celebrated by Schneider Electric at its Chennai plant with a contest amongst chosen employees, trainees and engineering students on innovative technologies. The objective of the event was to create innovative low tech solutions for a greener future. The winning solution would be displayed and showcased in the ship and will be a part of it in the rest of its expedition.


Present at the occasion, Mr Ramesh Phatak, R&D Head, Schneider Electric India said, leveraging scale economies with low technologies is a powerful answer to bolster energy access for a country like India, which has one of the lowest per-capita energy consumption. "These low-cost technologies are simple, cheap and easy to build system designed to tackle basic needs while respecting the environment. The prototype low-cost technologies can play an important role in meeting energy needs in isolated and off-grid areas as well as further add to the momentum established with regard to making India a net exporter of power", added Mr Pathak.

Describing a phenomenon of "Energy Dilemma", Mr Phatak said that the fastest growing sources of environmental impact are not necessarily the tangible, visible ones; although they may dominate the debate and agenda. Increasingly significant are the 'unseen' consequences of technology like e-commerce, virtual reality, remote services, big data, remote collaboration, mobility, the Internet of Things etc.; all of which are instinctively perceived as comparatively 'environmentally friendly' but whose impacts – often, far away from the end user - can be equally pervasive.

The solutions achieved through the research will be prototyped and submitted for approval by a jury of experts with the long-term ambition of creating a veritable "library" of tutorial videos open to everyone (individuals, NGOs in the field and local entrepreneurs, etc.). As a financial, technological and human patron of Nomade des Mers, the Schneider Electric Foundation will harness the skills and expertise of Schneider Electric employees for the expedition. At each stop, volunteers of the Schneider Electric Teachers association will be able to take part in events, share their knowledge and pass along their skills. In addition, recognized technical experts who have been granted Schneider Electric's "Edison" label will be invited to participate actively in LowTech Lab by collaborating on studies on selected technologies and sharing results from some of their research.

Energy efficiency | News published on 12 / 04 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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Schneider electric growing interest among corporations in procuring renewable energy and other advanced technologies to reduce their energy bills, ensure a reliable electricity supply and meet their sustainability targets by Schneider Electric.
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Ranjan Malhotra

Schneider Electric India affirms a commitment to energy efficiency through research in low technologies.Further reiterating its commitment to energy efficiency and access to clean energy developed by Schneider Electric, Schneider Electric India, today showcased a range of low-cost clean production technologies.
Posted on 12 / 04 / 2017 | Schneider electric

Neha Goyal

I truly appreciate Schneider Electric India and gaining good information from your blogs.
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