DCNS Engines to Collaborate with Andhra Pradesh of India for industrialisation of OTEC plan.

DCNS Energies to collaborate with state of Andhra Pradesh of India for future industrialization of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plan for Andaman and...

Renewable energy | 16/02/2017 | By Rashmi Nargundkar 2998 readings

Fluenta flare gas meter accuracy proved by the Netherlands' National Metrology Institute

Fluenta, the global leader in ultrasonic measurement and management technology, today announces that VSL, the National Metrology Institute in the Netherlands,...

Renewable energy | 10/01/2017 | By Rashmi Nargundkar 3806 readings

The Switch’s permanent magnet generator chosen for Atlantis tidal turbine

It received an order to deliver medium-speed generator for Atlantis Resources Ltd AR1500 turbine drive train

Renewable energy | 13/04/2015 | By Rashmi Nargundkar 3414 readings

Breakthrough In Wave Energy Harvesting

A Wave Energy Converter inspired by the human heart has shown step-change improvement in power capture using a new control technology “WaveSpring”...

Renewable energy | 16/03/2015 | By Rashmi Nargundkar 3737 readings

FoundOcean wins Energy Institute technology award for its new Super Pan Mixer

The award recognises the year’s best new technological development.

Renewable energy | 28/11/2013 | By Rashmi Nargundkar 3725 readings

Design tools to benefit the installation of large-scale ocean energy arrays

Engineers create a suite of software to enable the design of ocean energy arrays

Renewable energy | 31/10/2013 | By Rashmi Nargundkar 3897 readings

Strategic partnership supporting tidal energy projects globally

The partnership with Clifford Chance is another major step for Tocardo in the development of its tidal energy business.

Renewable energy | 02/07/2013 | By Gisela Bühl 4026 readings

CEA study estimates around 8300 MW of tidal energy potential

Although project costs are still considered very high.

Renewable energy | 11/03/2013 | By Gisela Bühl 4369 readings

$900,000 contract for Ocean Power Technologies in Japan

Under this contract, OPT will continue to analyze methods to maximize buoy power capture using advanced optimization methodologies as well as modeling and wave...

Renewable energy | 24/10/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 6128 readings

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