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November-December 2016

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Solar tower in the Australian desert reaches full 127 mtrs height To enable sustainable operation of 200,000m2 greenhouses Read More
Aalborg CSP supplies CSP system for combined heat & power generation in Denmark To develop & supply the 16.6 MWt CSP plant-enabling production within one carbon-free system Read More
Aalborg CSP launches SGS4 configuration of steam generation systems Optimized for molten salt CSP plants Read More
Increasing CSP competitiveness in South Africa It shows ability to enable price reduction & make CSP more competitive globally. Read More
Spanish Ingeteam to supply basic engineering of a CSP power plant in China It is China´s first commercial scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project. Read More
Aalborg CSP to develop integrated CSP energy system for Sundrop Farms The CSP system is scheduled to be operational by October 2016 Read More
Aalborg CSP received the prestigious Indiasol Technology and Supplier 2014 Award It is in recognition of the company's SGS3 steam generation technology. Read More
Aalborg CSP solar steam generators delivers positive outlook in India The Godawari 50+ MWe plant’s positive operational experience proves the confidence in Aalborg CSP’s SGS3 steam generation technology Read More
Test Facility for CST launched in Pune Test centres funded under the UNDP-GEF CST project at the cost of Rs.5 crore Read More
Proposals on Development of CST based projects Last date to confirm positive interest is 3rd September 2014 Read More
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