Registrations are open for 6 months Advanced Solar Professional Course at NISE.

This course has been developed by National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) in association with Skill Council for Green Jobs in line with their selected Qualification Packs (QPs). This is a six months course designed for technical, non-technical and business persons who is interested in the solar sector.

Need for the course:

 All the Solar (both solar PV and thermal) Training courses in India are in short-term courses. They only cover a very specific portion of solar photovoltaic or solar thermal technology. NISE is very well known for its various successful Skill Development programs in the different aspects of Solar Energy. Our various scientific staffs deliver invited lectures across the country. It is observed the participants of any specific training program used to ask doubts/ queries regarding other faces of solar energy technologies. Most of the trainees have given feedback that if a joint long-term program could be framed including major technical & business sectors of solar energy.

 Therefore this 6 months “Solar Professional” course is framed for a better understanding and hands-on-practice of the solar energy fundamental (Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal) for both technical and non-technical (business persons). 


 This course aims in a better understanding and hands-on-practice in the different streams of solar energy including Solar Photovoltaic technologies, Applications in the form of On-grid and Offgrid systems, Solar Water Pumping System, Solar Thermal technologies, Applications of Solar Thermal technologies, Solar Resource Assessment, Business Entrepreneurship.

Please refer the the Pdf extracted for more information.

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Training & Education | News published on 12/12/2017 by Moulin

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