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November_December 2017 2017

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  • Directorio de Eficiencia energética

Regalgrid Europe Launches Its Smart Energy Sharing Solution.

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Regalgrid an Italian startup that provides localized shared energy solutions recently debuted their first installation at H-FARM. The technology has huge potential in disrupting the future of energy consumption by giving more control to its consumers and helping them become more energy autonomous.

Regalgrid’s technology uses a patented software where multiple users can share their energy that has been generated and/or accumulated from renewable sources in real-time. Through this peer-to-peer platform, individuals can go beyond the traditional concept of photovoltaic panels and energy storage devices to managing their own energy, where they can exchange their surplus or demand energy with other users. The platform Regalgrid uses SNOCU (Smart NOde Control Unit) as an innovative bidirectional gateway which connects to the devices of photovoltaic systems to a cloud application. The platform receives and analyzes energy flows and the level of energy in the distributed storage units, giving commands and transforming the local system into an "active node" in a Smart Community. This Smart Community allows multiple advantages (1) the individual users benefit from improvements in self-consumption and optimization of battery cycles (2) the grid operators can rely on a more stable and balanced system (3) the users within the community or the energy traders can participate in advanced regulation service bidding, such as dispatching services or primary frequency setting and others.

H-FARM where the installation is located, is an innovation hub established in 2005 to help entrepreneurs launch new initiatives and support the digitalization of businesses. Thirteen of its buildings have been linked up to the Regalgrid® SNOCUs and installed with photovoltaic generators and energy storage devices. This is where for the first time an individual user becomes a part of an Active Energy Sharing Network where users can share their surplus energy between each building.

"Special thanks goes out to Riccardo Donadon and the H-Farm team", said Davide Spotti, President of Regalgrid Europe, "who immediately saw the extraordinary potential of the technology from Regalgrid and actively took part in making this a reality."

Energy efficiency | News published on 13 / 06 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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