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November_December 2017 2017

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Powergrid Commissions ±800kV HVDC Champa - Kurukshetra Pole-I

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Trial operations of 1500MW, Pole-I of ±800kV HVDC Champa - Kurukshetra transmission System has been successfully completed and the Pole has been put to commercial operations, starting today. The above system is part of “±800kV, 3000MW WR-NR HVDC Interconnector Transmission System for IPP Projects in Chhattisgarh.  With commercial operation of Pole-I, HVDC Terminal at Champa (in Western Region) & Kurukshetra (in Northern Region) alongwith 2576 Ckm Champa - Kurukshetra HVDC Transmission line have been commissioned, at a total cost of about â‚¹6,300Crore.  Further, Pole-II of 1500MW capacity, is also expected to be commissioned by June’17. This project will enable transfer of power from IPP generation projects coming up in Raigarh, Champa, and Raipur generation complex in Chhattisgarh to demand centres of Northern region viz. Haryana, Punjab, UP, Rajasthan and adjoining areas.

This transmission system is further being upgraded to 6000 MW capacity with addition of 2nd HVDC Bipole (CK-2) of 3000MW, ±800kV HVDC Terminals under “Transmission System Strengthening in WR-NR Transmission corridor for IPP Projects in Chhattisgarh” at an additional cost of about â‚¹5200 Crore, which is expected to be completed by December 2018. 

The above transmission system has been designed using State-of-the-art HVDC Technology and shall facilitate in meeting controlled power flow requirement, flexibility of operation as well as maintaining system parameters within limits through its control mechanism. The link augments the inter-regional capacity of Northern Region with Western Region, thereby facilitating economic dispatch of power and exchange of surplus power between Northern Region and Western Region, depending on the availability of generation and load demand in each region.

Smart Grid / T&D | News published on 27 / 03 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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