Power Ministry Releases Guidelines for EV Charging Stations

Power Ministry has announced that it has issued guidelines for electric vehicles public charging stations and has mandated the installation of both Japanese and Chinese charging technologies.

The procedure published by the Power Ministry is slated to rake up the cost of installing these charging stations with both of these technologies being mandated.

With the government’s plan to purchase 20,000 electric vehicles in the next couple of years, it becomes particularly important that the government fixes the modalities associated to the charging station.

Energy Efficiency service limited, which is the NODAL agency for procuring electric vehicles for the government cancelled its tender for procuring 10,000 EVs earlier this year.

The new guidelines, which include all type of charging infrastructure, will also promote more players to come into the Indian market owing to the improved accessibility.

“If the guidelines open up all types of charging specifications, I think that is really the way to go. This will really encourage manufacturers to come with higher range cars because obviously, nobody is going to bring cars which are already present in India,” said Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director at EESL.

“Current international standards used by most vehicle manufacturers internationally are CCS and CHAde-MO. Hence public charging stations shall have, one or more electric kiosks/boards with installation of all the charger models,” said the guidelines issued by the power ministry.

The guidelines have also clarified that captive charging infrastructure for private use by an individual or a company will not have to install all type of chargers.

Policies & Regulations | News published on 17/12/2018 by Moulin

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