Off-grid solar charging keeps students connected at colleges across the US

Dotted around college campuses throughout the U.S. are students sitting at outdoor tables that include a solar panel canopy.  While doing classwork, they can access the internet, recharge their phones and computers and socialize with other students.

These are attractive, extremely durable tables, forged from structural steel with a sleek architectural look.  Placed in highly trafficked areas without access to electrical outlets, they make a bold, green statement about a campus or a corporate facility.  The tables fit well into the work and lifestyle choices of people who like to get out of the classroom or office and work outside, in natural light and good weather.

New installations at College, High School and Corporate Campuses

New ConnecTable installations can be found at The Savannah Technical college, Albemarle High School (the company's first high school install) and at AT&T's Mexico flagship store in an upscale shopping, Class A office and residential district.

Convenient Solar That Makes a Statement

The aesthetic appeal of the ConnecTable is matched by its performance. These self-ballast mounted, solar table charging stations with both USB & 120V charging capabilities are topped with commercial-grade high-power panels that provide superior solar harvest while generating sustainable energy.

Designed and manufactured for a long service life, the ConnecTable requires little to no maintenance, is highly resistant to vandalism, and is the only table on the market with 100% fabricated structural steel base construction, giving it a 90 mph wind rating.

Staying connected in public spaces

ConnecTable solar table charging stations utilize truly off-grid, solar technology to meet the increasing consumer demand for outdoor mobile device charging in public spaces. In a world that relies on constant connectivity, public areas with little-to-no access to the grid often go underutilized.

Whatever the season or weather, the high-capacity battery, charged by the solar modules, reliably performs overnight and through multiple overcast and inclement weather days, assuring that anyone, anywhere can rely on their ConnecTable to power their electronic devices in comfortable convenience.

Serving the Campus Smartphone Lifestyle


Mobile technology is an essential part of life. Whether they're communicating with friends, checking emails, or scheduling classes, students never leave home without their cell phones. In fact, according to a Salesforce, 2014 Mobile Behavior report, the average person 18-24 spends five (5) hours every day just on their smartphone. This means that during a long day on campus, most students will need to recharge their devices. Many campus buildings across the country are  becoming outdated, and lack sufficient outlets even inside classrooms for student charging needs.

Installation in less than one day

The ConnecTable will be a statement to feature during campus tours, and will attract the attention of visitors to the school. "Going green" has never been so simple – a half day installation of ConnecTable solar charging stations can help universities get on the path to carbon neutrality.

Gifting a school has tax benefits

Many existing school "green funds" provide for projects like the tables because of the sustainable benefits they offer. Businesses who donate tables to the school as a gift may be eligible for tax incentives. CarrierClass Green Infrastructure is committed to helping a campus find the most cost-effective way to decrease its carbon footprint through the installation of ConnecTable solar charging tables.

The 30% Investment Tax Credit for businesses

Corporate campuses, shopping centers and other commercial buyers can use the 30% renewable energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for purchase of ConnecTables.

Solar PV | News published on 07/06/2017 by Moulin

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