Norway moves toward the future of sustainable construction.

Oslo will become the epicentre of sustainable construction. Experts from the European Union will gather in the Norwegian city to explain the activities that are being developed within the framework of REZBUILD Project, an initiative funded by the Horizon2020 Programme of the European Commission that grows with the main aim of defining an innovative and collaborative refurbishment ecosystem for NearZero Energy Building in Europe.  

REZBUILD project will establish a multi‐collaborative framework within a refurbishment methodology managed by an Agile Project Management tool based on cloud service, capable to interconnect in real‐time the key steps of a tailored retrofitting plan among all stakeholders involved within the building renovation  value chain.  Decision making tools will be performed in order to validate the best optimized cost‐effective refurbishment technology package in Bertramjordet housing cooperative, in Oslo. In addition, REZBUILD Project has established 2 more demo sites in Venice (Italy) and Madrid (Spain), each one with a different representative climate and tipology of building.

Involvement of local communites and citizens

The participative programmes carried out within the framework of the project will be implemented through a methodology for decision making processes which involves all the relevant expertise in the overall process.

In this context, the owners of the buildings, who are the object of the pilot tests, will be pivotal to promote actions of social innovation, through the user’s awareness on an efficient energy use. In this sense, the workshop organized in Oslo on April 10th  is focused on the owners of the houses living in the neighbourhood that will be refurbished within the framework of the project.

Local communities acceptance and the understanding of Oslo population about this project is considered essential to succeed in the development of the refurbishment and renovation actions. 

 In addition, this workshop aims to raise awareness on the impacts of the project among the final users and detect any potential social risk deriving from its implementation.


Sustainable Building | News published on 23/04/2018 by Moulin

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