New interface for international clean energy solutions

The Swiss-based clean energy provider The meeco Group has just launched its new website By creating an intuitive and clear user interface with valuable and comprehensibly prepared content and structures, meeco provides an up-to-date information platform touching nearly every aspect of energy with a special focus on renewables and solar.

"The new website represents an excellent source for all users – staff, clients and partners -looking for high-quality content concerning sustainable, reliable, eco-friendly and of course profitable energy technologies", states meeco's Chief Financial Officer Konstantin Wolf, who has been closely involved in the development of the new content for clean energy investments and market specific approaches. "The shift to clean energy is not only a matter of achieving a sustainable power supply. The financial aspect closely connected to the profitability of a renewable power system plays a pivotal role for all investors. We provide information for investors, who want to shave-off money by gaining energy independence with their own clean energy installation and furthermore, for people, who are interested in placing funds in a capital investment. By implementing this key content with articles such as 'Which market guarantees the best clean energy investment', we have strongly attended to this development, i.e. the risen significance and demand for renewable energy investments."

By implementing a clean intuitive design as well as an improved functionality, the new website offers an informative and appealing overview of meeco's visions and core competences. The responsive web design and information platform ensure an optimal usability on all devices for potential clients such as large scale and mid-sized commercial clients, private homeowners, investment firms, banks or other partners and last but very importantly the global staff of The meeco Group. Moreover, the integration of authentic visuals such as drone pictures of the company's installations illustrates the comprehensive and global activities of The meeco Group in close conjun ction with the sun2see global operations monitoring platform.

"We are glad to introduce our new web presence to our colleagues and the public", states Konstantin Wolf. "By delivering beneficial content we follow our clean and transparent information culture and enable our users across all platforms and interests to remain informed about our clean energy solutions and the latest key trends of the clean energy sector."

Business | News published on 29/03/2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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