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November_December 2017 2017

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New high voltage MOSFET forhighly efficient low and high power applications.

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Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) extends its existing portfolio of CoolMOS technologies with the 600 V CoolMO  P7 and 600 V CoolMOS C7 Gold (G7) series. The product families are designed to operate at 600 V breakdown voltage and deliver improved superjunction MOSFET performance. They achieve unmatched power density in the respective target applications.

600 V CoolMOS P7: Optimized combination of high efficiency and ease-of-use

The newly introduced P7 offers an excellent ease-of-use in the design-in process with benchmark efficiency and optimized price/performance ratio. The device is targeting applications such as chargers, adapters, lighting, TV, PC power, solar, server, telecom and EV charging. It is addressing power classes from 100 W to
15 kW. The 600 V CoolMOS P7 enables efficiency gains of up to 1.5 percent in the various topologies, and offers up to 4.2 °C thermal benefits compared to the competition.

The wideRDS(on) range from 37 mΩ to 600 mΩ for both surface mount (SMD) and through hole packages makes the 600 V CoolMOS P7 suitable for a broad variety of applications and power ranges. In addition, an excellent ESD robustness of more than 2 kV (HBM) protects the device from electro static discharge damage in production, thus offering higher manufacturing quality. Finally, the rugged body diode protects the device during hard commutation events in LLC circuits.


600 V CoolMOS C7 Gold: Best-in-class FOM in innovative SMD TO-Leadless package

The G7 features a lower RDS(on), minimized gate charge QG, reduced energy stored in the output capacitance, and a 4 pin Kelvin source capability of the TO-Leadless package. This minimizes losses in PFC and LLC circuits and offers a performance gain of 0.6 percent as well as higher full load efficiency in PFC circuits. The low parasitic source inductance of 1 nH also contributes to the increased efficiency levels.

The improved thermal properties in a TO-Leadless package enable the usage in higher current designs while SMD technology allows for a less costly mounting process. Furthermore, the 600 V CoolMOS C7 Gold features the world’s lowest RDS(on), ranging from 28 mΩ to 150 mΩ. Compared to traditional D2PAK, it offers
30 percent footprint, 50 percent height and 60 percent space reduction. Combined, these properties make the devicea perfect choice for the realization of highest efficiency and benchmark power density in server, telecom, industrial and solar applications.

Energy efficiency | News published on 30 / 03 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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