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November_December 2017 2017

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New PV O&M contracts for Ingeteam

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Ingeteam has announced that the company has signed four new PV Operation and Maintenance contracts in Panama, the United Kingdom, Honduras and Uruguay, opening up new markets for the company in the latter two countries.

In this way, Ingeteam has extended its coverage in the Latin American market and is a leader in the provision of Operation and Maintenance services with 1.9 GW. In this region, Ingeteam also boasts a leadership position with regard to the number of installed PV inverters and wind power converters.

Last year a new subsidiary was opened in Panama, where the company was already  working on the country's first wind farm, which is the largest in Central America, carrying out the O&M work on the wind turbines and substation. With the entry of Ingeteam Service into Uruguay and Honduras, the company is strategically positioned in the renewable energies sector, given the fact that it offers an integrated maintenance service to the market, with the possibility of offering global solutions to its customers.  In Honduras and Uruguay, Ingeteam has supplied protection and control equipment for the substations at wind and PV farms and, specifically, in Uruguay the company has been working with the UTE electricity company since 2004. At present, both these countries are making a major commitment to the use of renewable energies.

As far as the United Kingdom is concerned, the company was already performing operation and maintenance work at a number of facilities and has supplied PV inverters to one of the country's largest PV plants, located in the County of Lincolnshire. The company has also supplied protection and control equipment to transmission substations at the PV plants of Everley and Canworthy (which came into operation in 2014), in addition to the supply of equipment for electricity companies assessed by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) of the United Kingdom.

The PV plants located in Cholueta (southern Honduras), Salto (northeastern Uruguay), Veraguas (northern Panama) and Shrewsbury (northern United Kingdom), will prevent the emission of more than 2 million tons of C02into the atmosphere and will power 182,500 homes.

Furthermore, these contracts will make it possible to increase Ingeteam's headcount in each of these countries in which a contract has been won. Specifically, a total of 20 new jobs have been created for electromechanical maintenance technicians and engineers.


Solar PV | News published on 15 / 10 / 2015 by Gisela Bühl

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