MNRE Resolute to Listing of Solar PV Cells and Modules Developers

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) have announced that it has resolute to enroll all models and developers. This is in accordance with the BIS certification for solar modules and solar cell manufacturer and to guarantee the durability of such projects.

All the models and developers which conform to the BIS standard will be complied in a listing called ‘Approved List of Models and Manufacturers’ (ALMM). Only those models and Manufacturers enrolled will be entitled to partake in any and all forms of government projects.

ALMM will include two lists one for PV Modules and one for solar cells. Both of these lists shall be enforced from March 31, 2020, before which all manufacturers and developers have to get enrolled.

To be qualified for recruitment, all developers have to get BIS certification for each model and this certification.

Additionally, a panel from MNRE will perform an inspection of the manufacturing facility during which the team will accomplish production and sale audit of the company. In case of any grievance, MNRE will be empowered to perform the said audit at any time.

Any failure to conform to the regulations will result in revocation of the recruitment in ALMM. The validity of recruitment stands for two years beyond which it can be renewed. These regulations pertain to all solar PV cells and modules manufactured under any technology.

Policies & Regulations | News published on 03/01/2019 by Moulin

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