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Jan_Feb 2018 2018

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Major Advancement in Commercial Solar Technology - RenewSys launches 5BB PV Solar Cells

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RenewSys, India’s first & only integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules & its components i.e. Encapsulants, Backsheets and PV Solar Cells, became the first Indian company to launch the production of five Bus Bar (BB) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Cells.The 5BB cells, part of RenewSys’ RESERV®range of solar PV cells, will be manufactured using world class European PV cell equipment.

Increasing thenumber of Bus Bars (BBs) in a photovoltaic celllowers the series resistance and thus increases the current. Eventually, thePV cell power increases,which improvesthe overall module performance.Apart from the advanced technologies such as PERC, PERTandIBC, increasing the number of Bus Bars, is an attractive technology development to produce solar panels with higherefficiency.

“We work towards ensuring that our products are high performing, commercially viable and future ready. RenewSys recognizes that quality raw materials, commitment toR&D and competitively priced products are crucial to the solar industry, affecting the performance and success of PV solar power systems.The launch of 5BB cells and modules will significantly improve the performance of solar PV systems,” says Mr. Avinash Hiranandani, Managing Director, RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd.

RenewSys will start commercial production of its 5BB Solar PV Panels/ Modules from July 2017 onwards.

5BB cells are expected to noticeably improve the panel/ module efficiency when compared to solar panels/ solar modules that use 4BB or 3BB cells.The additional Bus Bar in conventional silicon solar cells (with respect to 3BB/4BB) facilitates a uniform distribution of stress, making 5BB cells more durable.

Mr. Avinash Hiranandani mentioned, “While we are excited to announce these developments, we hope that the government will support companies like RenewSys that have made significant investments based on the Government of India’s pro local manufacturing policy.”

RenewSys had recently completed the ramp up of its 100 MW cell line. The factory reached leading-edge industry-level cell efficiencies at full capacity at the end of April 2017. Of the new Indian market entrants which started setting up cell production in 2016, RenewSys is the first to reach full production.

The cell production line has been commissioned with the help of Solsol GmbH, a leading German consultancy and engineering company specialized in PV device and production technology.

Dr. Stephan Wansleben, CEO of Solsol, adds: “One cannot stress enough the importance of high performing, reliable products. RenewSys has quickly established itself as one of India’s dependable technology leaders among PV Solar Cell and PV Solar Panel manufacturers.”

Commending the team at Solsol for their support Mr. Hiranandani says, “Solsol is a great technology partner with a vast project experience. They helped us reach competitive productivity in the shortest possible time.” 

Solar PV | News published on 12 / 06 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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