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November_December 2017 2017

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LumaSense introduces MCL640 thermal imaging camera with better resolution and expanded lens

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LumaSense Technologies, Inc. introduces the MCL640 thermal imaging camera, the next generation in LumaSense's line of infrared thermal imagers designed specifically for industrial process control and monitoring. The MCL640 camera offers 640 x 480 resolution imaging for long wave infrared applications, producing superior images and temperature measurement (±2 °C).

The MCL640 thermal imager resolution is four times greater than the camera it replaces and it offers expanded lens options. These new features combine to provide users with better and more accurate temperature measurement accuracy to improve process control. "With the improvements to the new camera, users can detect problems sooner and, when paired with the telephoto lens, at greater distances," explained Lenny Shaver, Sr. Director Product Management.

In addition to the new lenses, the MCL640 camera can be ordered with a number of environmental enclosures enabling accurate and safe operation in the harshest environments. The new Vortex Cooled (VC) enclosure is a heavy-duty housing that can be used a wide range of industrial applications including steel and paper mills, refineries, and automotive parts production. The enclosure accommodates an air purge for use in classified hazardous areas in petrochemical applications.

The MCL640 camera is also the imager used in the latest generation ThermalSpection 724 cameras. The ThermalSpection 724 system includes an IP66 enclosure with integrated cooling and heating for operation outdoors, providing online monitoring of electric utility equipment and critical industrial infrastructure.

With an unmatched array of protective accessories, the MCL640 demonstrates LumaSense's commitment to long-term trouble-free process monitoring in harsh, industrial applications. The next generation MCL640 thermal imager is compatible with the extensive array of process control solutions offered by LumaSense, including systems for precisely controlling the temperature of metals during processing, remote petrochemical equipment monitoring, and online high voltage electrical equipment monitoring.

Geothermal | News published on 13 / 01 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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