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May 2017

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Power Plants

  • Directorio de Eficiencia energética

International partnerships vital for UK nuclear energy.

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The UK must ensure that any actions taken regarding its membership of the Euratom treaty as part of the Brexit process includes a smooth transition for its current nuclear industry and allows the UK's leadership as an international partner in new nuclear development to continue.

Agneta Rising, Director General, World Nuclear Association said, "The UK is an important market for new nuclear build, with companies around the world ready to bring billions of pounds of investment and provide thousands of jobs. The UK government should ensure this can continue efficiently and that any new arrangements work in harmony with existing agreements."

Nuclear energy build is resurgent around the world, with sixty reactors under construction. The UK is set to be part of the global growth in nuclear energy, with new build projects involving companies from Europe, Asia and America. The UK government has made it clear that nuclear generation will play a vital part in meeting its energy policy objectives for clean, reliable and affordable electricity supplies.

Today's nuclear industry is founded on partnerships between multinational companies. International trade in the nuclear industry is facilitated by agreements to allow the movement of nuclear goods, people and services. The Euratom treaty enables not only such trade within Europe, but also with countries such as US, Japan and Canada. It facilitates UK participation in long term R&D projects, and it also provides a framework for international nuclear safeguard compliance.

Business | News published on 31 / 01 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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The UK has a standout amongst the most element atomic markets on the planet, with critical new form and squander and decommissioning programs. We are open for the venture, as underscored by our current choice on the Hinkley Point C atomic power plant, and are to a great degree very much set to keep going up against work globally over the nuclear life cycle.
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In the late 1990s, nuclear power plants contributed around 25% of total yearly electricity generation in the UK, but this has continuously declined as old plants have been closed down and ageing-related problems influence plant availability. Total capacity at the finish of 2014 was 97 GWe (as per global energy agency data).
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