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November_December 2017 2017

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IEA confirms Sustainable biofuels needed to secure transport decarbonisation.

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International Energy Agency (iea) confirms: sustainable biofuels needed to secure transport decarbonisation. also ITRE committee of the European parliament confirms the need to set a specific mandate for advanced biofuels.
Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels (LSB) welcomes the positive outlook of the IEA on the need of advanced biofuels to secure transport decarbonisation. LSB also welcomes the positive outcome of the ITRE committee of the European Parliament.

Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels (LSB) adheres to the findings of IEA: in the transport sector, biofuel consumption must triple by 2030 (globally), with two-thirds of that coming from advanced biofuels, in order to reach climate commitments made in Paris. This means scaling up current advanced biofuels production significantly.

Also, the European Parliament ITRE committee vote this week came to a positive conclusion and confirmed the need to define a specific advanced biofuels mandate.

LSB calls for a strong commitment by the EU to climate change mitigation, and more specifically transport emission reduction. LSB requests a specific mandate on advanced biofuels, with a binding target starting at 2021 (at 0.5%) and increasing up to 3.6% by 2030. Such mandate will give confidence to investors and allow advanced biofuels companies to move forward with their projects. A specific mandate should be established for feedstocks approved in the ILUC directive (2015/1513) and listed in Annex IX part A.

IEA and the European Parliament are showing positive signals that are demonstrating increased confidence in advanced biofuels as a fast-track sustainable solution to reduce transport emissions, states Marko Janhunen, Chair of LSB and Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, UPM Biorefining.

“Now it is time to take action. RED2 done right will enable significant investment opportunities, job creation and reduction of transport emissions. EU member states and the European Parliament should recognize the urgent need to reduce transport emissions. They should also recognize that advanced biofuels can play an important role in all member states.  Sustainable feedstock is available all over the EU, and advanced biofuels technologies have been developed by numerous companies”, Marko Janhunen continued.

“RED2 done right will be positive to the European economy, and the climate”, LSB chair concluded.
Biomass | News published on 01 / 12 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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